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[Map tactic] Qwai - Assault on Fishing Village

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  • [Map tactic] Qwai - Assault on Fishing Village

    Fishing Village is one of hardest flag to capture for me. Hopefully by discussing tactics on how to assault the flag as US will help me improve that.

    The map image is very blurry but it was the best I could find. To the north of Fishing village there are quite a few hills which makes it easy for US squads to approach the flag. However at the same time it is also a prime location for the Chinese to station a few soldiers. You might be able to bypass them by moving along the river from the north to the south, but that would mean that all the Chinese in the hills will be able to shoot down on you.

    The problem with this flag is that there are bound to be rally points and possibly a FOP in the hills to the west. If you do not take them out beforehand it means you will be constantly facing fresh enemies who know where you are, but not vice versa.

    I think the best approach is thus to come from the south as it usually is not heavily guarded and is a good spot for the Chinese to place rallypoints as it is towards their main.

    If you are attacking with two squads I would suggest splitting up your 6-man squad into two fireteams of three each. After you have set your RP at the western bank, FT2 moves further west and then sweeps up north to hunt rally points. At the same time FT1 moves up to the little forested area south of the village which is another good spot for enemy RPs.

    Once FT2 has cleared the area W of the village they should move into the capture radius. If there are RPs left they should be in the N, the direction from which more enemies could from as they fall back from the hills. FT1 stays in position to have a secured area near the flag area. Spawned squad members can then move from the RP, past FT1 and onto the flag again.

    After the flag is taken a FOP should be constructed either on the Western bank or on the eastern bank to allow further defences being constructed on the position of FT1. The bridge should be repaired. The crossroads to the W should be mined. From here it should be quite easy to send forces towards temple while keeping a supply line safe across the river and guarding Fishing Village.



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