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  • The TG Armour Code

    Recently i have encountered a lot of malfunctioned tank crews that expressed by either the lack of knowledge on the rules or lack of knowledge on proper tank manning and purpose. what worried me the worse is the bad communication being managed between crews or team...

    So i decided to write down this guide for the beginners who would like to learn more about Armor and how we play it the TG way!

    This guide intends to bring more knowledge to the beginner user of PR and those who wants to be more professional,if anyone have anything to add i will be more then happy to add it to the guide...

    **This guide was written on my own opinion only! feel free to disagree and add more helpful tips!**

    The Armor Bible Rules!

    *The sole purpose of tanks in the PR battlefield is to help the team!

    *Communicate! this is crucial in Armor role,always announce targets and bearing.

    *Do not 1 man a tank! this will lead to a shortage in Armor which in most cases vital to the battle!

    *Be sure Everyone on your squad has voip (A Mic),a lack in voip on even one crew member can delay response time in more then 10 seconds (which is vital!)

    *If your an SL use your attack and move markers! your gunner/gunners will have better response time when they know where the target exactly is.

    *Always make sure you have an engineer beside you,an engineer can greatly increase your life time on the battle!

    *and last but not least,Always,even when it sounds stupid or nonsense at the moment,ALWAYS follow your SL's orders!

    The SL!

    The first thing you must do when opening an Armor squad will be to name your squad as "Armor"! this will help the CO and spare his time
    on trying to find out what the purpose of your squad is,and when there is no CO around,naming your squad will in most cases grant you the right to have this asset.

    **Ber in mind that in Tactical Gamer's server the CO and only the CO can decide who can have assets and who's not! so form a squad named Armor and ask your CO to assign the asset to an absence of a CO the asset belongs to everyone who wants it,but naming your squad after the asset in most cases will tell the next guy who opens a squad that the team already has an armor squad,and most likely take another asset.

    once you opened your squad and have a shiny new slot on the squad list,you need the following roles: Driver,Gunner,and Engineer.
    Always make sure your squad has an engineer,this is very crucial to your survival on the battlefield!

    Once you have your squad members,start assigning the roles to whoever you want,be sure EVERYONE on your squad has voip! this will ensure a proper communication and proper response time during the battle!

    It is helpful and even recommended that you take the role of the driver! as the tank driver you can easily spot targets and announce them,and you will greatly improve your squads effectiveness if you will be present in the battle!

    Control you squad!! always make sure your crew follows orders and motivated! don't be shy to remove a crew member that you don't think will do the job! one bad crew member can in most cases mean re-spawn (Death).

    Listen to your crew!!! if your gunner,driver,engineer shout "stop" on the voip,you give the order to stop and verify what is the reason,listen to your squad needs and react according to the condition which you are in!

    Control the communications! I Cant stress the importance of this enough,ALWAYS make sure the squads voip channels are clear!! only speak to give orders
    and announce targets and bearings,don't let your crew chat and skeet over the voip,cous'e during that knock out joke you just cracked up from laughter over,their is probably an enemy tank who has you on your scope and one of your crew members trying to announce it but cant because the channels blocked.
    so keep your crew organized and clear the comm's for vital announces only!

    Always think ahead of your enemy! if you engage a tank behind a chain of hills and he backed up,he is almost always will flank you behind those hills,if you see a tank backing up behind a chain of hills or behind an object that surrounds you,think ahead and out flank him,do not stand where you are right now,cous'e either he will get you by flanking,calling another tank on your position behind you,or worse,will give your position to a bomber! so always think ahead and be on the move during this type of battle!

    If your running two tank crews,always make sure your second tank is on your right side at all times!

    It is recommended in maps like Kashan Desert to have an AA vehicle on your squad,this will greatly improve your survival in this kind of maps!

    always strive to have the best hiding spot for your crew! in all situations avoid at any cost being completely exposed in the battlefield with no place to hide quickly,find a nice hill then when you back up you can manage quick repairs and reformation blocked by the eye of your enemy.

    Always try to bring your tanks to a situation where the hull of the tank is concealed! when you spot an enemy tank and decide to engage,try to make sure that
    you are behind a strong object (hill,structure) that hides your tank's hull and only the turret pops out,a hull shot is very devastating to a tank!

    This goes to SL's and drivers as one: ALWAYS,stop when your gunner tells you to! if your gunner needs you to stop to line up a shot or he thinks he spotted something and needs you to stop,always stop! from experience in real life and in game,the crew works FOR the gunner at all times!!

    If your team spotted a hostile target and needs you to engage,you always consider to abandon the real plan of sneaking or ambushing and go help your team,you are the leader of a powerful asset which is vital for the infantry on the battlefield,you are the first powerful answer to heavy fire on INF!!

    Always follow your CO's orders!! the commander probably knows better then you on the whereabouts of targets,and manages the battle according to the team need's,if he tells you to engage a curtain grid,this means your team needs your help on preemptive strike or needs you to support them in a situation,in either way follow the Co's orders always!

    Coordinate with other tank squads! it will tremendously increase your fire power if you cooperate with another tanks and form a formation of more then 1 or 2 tanks!

    This pretty much sums up the SL's role in the battlefield,command wisely and get back safe!

    The Gunner!

    As a gunner,your job is to react fast,be reliable,communicate effectively,and allways be the first!

    Before setting off to the battlefield,make sure everything works,check your zooming scopes,check you weapon system,make sure the shells are switching,and always,always,always check your voip with your crew!!!

    When setting of to the battlefield always follow your squad leader's orders! if he priorities a Vodnik over an apc he must have a good reason for it,engage it!
    if your squad leader needs you to engage a target and right before you do you spot an enemy tank,you are compelled to announce it to the SL who will decide the next move,in any way and situation,your sl order is the first priority!!!

    As i stated before and i stand by it,EVERYONE on your squad works for you! if you spot a target and you need to stop or change position or angel announce it!! don't be shy to ask your driver to stop if you think you spot something in your scope and it turns out to be a bush! caution is vital to your survival!

    Use your zoom button (Default X)! when in the move don't use it on full zoom mode cous'e it will just give you a headache,use it on half zoom mode,when stationary use the full zoom mode to spot distant targets,but always cycle between the modes to have a bigger view of the territory,this way you can easily spot objects in your peripheral view.

    ALWAYS be on AP rounds (Armor piercing) as default! do not switch to heat round unless the Sl's tells you to! AP rounds will almost always save you from a sudden enemy tank engage,a heat shell on an enemy tank wont even scratch it!!

    In most cases heat rounds are a devil for enemy INF,if you have a bunch of inf targets don't waste AP rounds on them,an AP round can kill an enemy infantry only by direct hit,when heat round can kill any inf soldiers in the hit immediate area!! but as i stated,heat rounds will be switched by SL order only!!

    DO NOT,EVER! pop your smoke system without your Sl's permission,always ask the Sl's permission to pop smoke!

    The best place to hit a mechanized vehicle like a tank or AA,will be the chains,a chain hit will always bring the enemy vehicle to half its power,one more hit in any direction can eliminate him! and in some cases a chain hit in the rear side of the armor will instantly disable it! Ber in mind that a chain hit is difficult in long distance engage,so if you decide to hit the chain of the tank be sure you are close to it enough to hit it and you are not in a position of getting hit in a second,only target the chains if your in a situation that the enemy tank doesn't see's you and you have the element of surprise,if your in the middle of a firefight don't wast time aiming on the chain,that round will probably miss and hit the ground and it is a vital miss in most cases! so decide with every element in mind!

    Here is a sketch of weak spots taken from project reality forums:

    Don't bother shooting the barrels on the back side of it! hit the area in
    green, so back of the turret, top of the rear of the tank, or top of the
    side of the tank will do the most damage (green) - yellow is heaviest
    Armor. Blue is medium. Red is weak.

    Do not be tempted to shoot a moving helicopter unless your sl is ordering you,you are not in a pigeon shooting range and you will most likely miss.and in some cases the time you take to aim and shoot is the time it takes to the enemy to line up for a sneaky shot at you,look alive and be cautious!!

    if you spot a target and everyone speaks on the voip about the latest episode of Lost,don't hesitate to yell and stop the madness,this will probably save you and your squad!

    This pretty much sums up the codex for the gunner role

    The Driver!

    As a driver your job is to lead the tank to where the sl wants,and direct it according to the needs of the gunner!

    Before setting of to the battle,check that everything works,check your reverse,check your sightings and zooming modes.

    as a driver you have the capability of zooming and erged to use it!! you are the gunner's eyes in most cases,when the gunner is busy engaging a target dont zoom on the target and watch the fireworks,keep looking for other targets that may have sneaked on your crew,keep a sharp eye for Hat's and small targets,the gunner will take cerr of the big fishes,you are the one that can spot little targets such as inf spoters or Hat's,look for them,and let the gunner look for tanks!

    report everything you see!!! if you spot something from big planes to a civi',report it in the voip,and use the bearings! as i said before you are the 2'nd monitoring system on the battlefield,something that the gunner missed might be something you didn't because you searched for it!

    ALWAYS listen to your Gunner needs!!! if your gunner ask you to stop,you stop like your life depends on it! you are a big part of the targeting system in a tank,if you fail to stop,sometimes it means missing a 2 sec's windows on engaging an enemy tank,which can be your 2 last seconds on the battlefield!!!

    ALWAYS listen to you Sl's orders! the Sl will direct you to a good hideout places in most cases,you don't want to be exposed for a hull shot!

    Do not use the smoking system unless your Sl directs you to!! ever!!!

    When your tank got hit by a shell,DO NOT freak out and reverse the tank!!! this is extremely important! if you got hit by a shell during a tank fight your default order in this situation is to stay put and don't move a muscle,your gunner probably lining up for the 2'nd and final shot at the tank,and if you move this will greatly change the circumstances of your survival! so do not move until you are ordered to by the sl or your gunner!!

    Do not ever be in a position that your rear faces the battlezone during a fight,NEVER!! always revers the tank in a way that the front faces the battle!
    if the sl is AFK (Away from keyboard) or unable to command in that instant and you need to rearm,you go back to rearm after the gunner confirms the area is clear! and only then you are authorized to put the rear of the tank to the battlefield!

    When getting hit and ordered by your SL to back up for repairs,always check your surrounding area and make sure you are completely concealed from the enemy!!

    When getting repairs,stay absolutely still,you don't want to back up during repairs and mess the lovely hat the engineer have.

    This pretty much sums up the codex for the driver!

    The Engineer!

    1'st and a god given rule!!! ALWAYS stay behind the tank in an angle that you cannot get run over at all times and away from hostile eyes!!! you are the life keeper of this beast and if you die because you wanted to watch the fireworks then your crew has a very limited time to live, by the time you re-spawn and rejoin, your crew could have been eliminated because there were no repairs!

    It is recommended that you follow your tank on an engineer vehicle and not on the tank! if the tank get hit by a shell the first one to die will be you!! so as i stated before,always be behind the tank and if you can, accompany the tank with your own vehicle to prevent you from dying in a sudden attack!

    Always keep your wrench out!,sometimes a rapid fix to a tank can prevent it from exploding in the last seconds!!

    Always follow your SL's orders,this is very crucial to engineers especially! if the sl wants you to stay at some place and it doesn't important where,follow the order!

    react fast!! if your crew get hit by a shell,react rapidly and run to wrench it up,but wait until the tank is in a safe position for you! if its not on a safe position do not be shy to tell it to the SL,its better to be annoying then to be dead and leave the crew without an engi!

    Sometimes the conditions on which the battle getting managed are tough for engi's,there are situations where you crew is in the middle of a firefight in a completely open field and needs repairs,in this case you pick the best side of the tank that blocking you from the enemy and you start fixing!

    As a soldier with no uber zooming capabilities you are the little eyes of this operation for close targets,if you spot and enemy crawling up behind the tanks,report it,and eliminate him!!

    If you see a mine on the road,report it and make sure no one moves until you wrenched it up!

    If you encounter a sneaky soldier right behind your tank,eliminate him,and make sure no one moves,look below the tanks and in the sides and make sure there is no mine!

    This pretty much sums up the Code for Armor battles in PR,feel very free to add more!

    Now go out there you powder monkeys and have fun!!!
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    Re: The TG Armour Code

    Very well written post about tanking! I believe there is very good information for tankers from beginner to advanced. I like the picture that you have taken from the object editor in the bf editor v3. TBH i never knew that the tracks had even weaker armor then the back it's self, that explains why i seem to kill tanks faster when hitting the tracks. This shows that even when you engage a tank head front you will be able to easily take him out by simply aiming in the right spot.


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      Re: The TG Armour Code

      very nice!


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        Re: The TG Armour Code

        ^ This right here will save your butt in armour.


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          Re: The TG Armour Code

          Asot wicked + Rep for you Sir
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            Re: The TG Armour Code

            Also, as gunner remember not to rotate the turret to face backwards whilst on the move, as the hatch for the machinegunner blocks the driver's view, which can be very annoying (and sometimes deadly, if friendly soldiers are nearby!)
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              Re: The TG Armour Code

              Anything applicable to the other BFs?




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