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Roles of APC and IFV

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  • Roles of APC and IFV

    *Inspired by several posts of 1 thread in the TG Project Reality Forums.

    Some people get confused as to what the difference is of an APC and an IFV. I will simply define them.

    The term APC is an acronym for Armoured Personnel Carrier. It is a vehicle that is designed to transport infantry units to the battle zone via ground.

    This term is an acronym for Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It is a vehicles primarily designed to provide friendly infantry with heavy fire/suppression of enemy targets in a battle zone via ground.

    In Project Reality, it's quite easy to classify these vehicles:
    *An APC will always have at least 6 passenger seats which allow transport for 1 infantry squad. In addition, they are equipped with weapons less than 20mm.
    *Most IFVs also have passenger seats (excluding the British Scimitar IFV). And have weapons that are 20mm or higher. They're usually the things that are going to kill you more often. :)

    List of APCs:
    *Chinese WZ551A (I'm not sure if those are the right numbers). US Stryker. Russian/MEC BTR-60. (Note, the BRDM is not an APC, it is more of an armoured car. It provides only 2 passenger seats.)

    List of IFVs:
    *US Bradley. Russian/MEC BMP-3. Chinese WZ551. USMC LAV-25. British Scimitar. British Warrior.

    After having played with the many IFVs, it's obvious that some do a better job than others. The Bradley and BMP-3 have an anti-tank ability with their TOW launchers (as well as the BMP-3 105mm cannon). Where as the Warrior, for example, has no TOWs, only cannon and coax.

    Remember what the roles are. Don't overly use an APC to do an IFV's job. Because of their lower caliber weapons, it is best the APCs stay behind most of the action and play more defensively to avoid loss of the APC asset. Where as IFV's, with their advanced firepower, can act more offensively and move up by side with the infantry. Sometimes you may have to use an APC like an IFV, if the APC is the only asset you get.

    A great example of where IFV and APCs come together is the 0.86 version of Qwai river on the Chinese team. There are 3 APCs (WZ551A) and 3 IFVs (WZ551) availaible to the Chinese. And it's ideal to have the IFVs up front suppressing enemy forces while the APCs provide primary transport and light fire behind/up to the main frontline.




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