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(Flag Assault and Defend Tactics)Assault on JiangMen Government Office.

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  • (Flag Assault and Defend Tactics)Assault on JiangMen Government Office.

    Primarily this is for the attacking team (who I will set as Chinese as the situation usually puts US as the defenders). This thread will present some tactics and strategies on taking the JiangMen Government Office on the PR map, Qwai River. As well as some defence tips for both factions.

    Location and Area:
    In Qwai River, the Jiangmen flag is placed in a small village right on the east side of the main river near the centre of the map. The buildings aren't that open but rather the area is full of compounds which can vary in size. The area also has multiple small roads going through it. The central Jiangmen Office is a larger compound will a roughly 2 story building with sandbags on the roof.
    Noticable areas around the flag:
    To the south-west of the main Jiangmen flag is a small market place. It has pretty good cover with the many market stalls and other static objects. To the east of that by about 50m, is a quite open area with a few trees ontop of a very lightly elevated mound. Not good cover at this area, only the trees provide as cover.
    To the south, slightly east then, of the flag is a gas station. This has a good view point of the South Bridge (Just on the south the village) and also to the forest and roads which lead south and east. As well as the open fields to the east. It is quite a defensible position.
    The next compound north of the flag compound is like a garden area. there is a decent amount of cover, with quite a large amount of trees, as well as benches and some gazebos. The grass in this garden area is quite high and a soldier laying down can become totally out of view for an enemy passing a few metres away.
    To the east are some rice fields. They offer no cover except for when the fields are split (a rise between surrounding rice fields).
    To the north-west is a dock area. With mainly some containers, a docked fishing boat, and about 2 buildings. Not much cover moving to the north or south and is immediately in danger of the high ground about 50m to the east. A good spot for rally points.

    Now that we have surveyed the layout of the area and some strategic areas, let's get to some strategies.

    Far southern river-cross for stealthy attack.
    A good option to maintain the element of surprise, is to cross the river, near the islands at the far south of the river via APC (preferably). Then the infantry begins a stealthy movement to the forests that are south of the gas station. The Gas station can only view about 150m into the forest before the view line is destroyed by the trees. The Attackers can utilize this to sneak in up close on the enemy and catch them by surprise. Once the fire fight from the begins, it is advisable that the Chinese continue suppression onto targets and advance forward at a quick pace so that they can get secured inside the village before any vehicles show up. Getting into the village will allow very good safety from the US vehicles as you will be in close quarters, which is terrible for vehicles.
    The main idea from this point is to keep shifting the front line while the enemy is, most likely, still in a surprised, un-organised state. You want to keep the line moving as one so that you will act like a great wave sweeping over the town. You need to keep the US heads down so that you wont get caught in a small fire fight of your own squad and so that you wont get suppressed yourselves.
    Upon reaching the Jiangmen Office compound, the main centre force should keep on the south wall while the squads on the flanks move up and attempt to eliminate the enemies to the north and secondly to surround the Jiangmen compound. By this time, the Chinese should be supported with IFV fire on the US side of the river so that any counter-attacking US infantry can be dealt with before they get into the village.
    The key for the squads attacking the defenders in the Jiangmen compound will be grenades, and quick overrun and breach of certain entry areas.

    Centre River cross for quick overrun
    Overrunning enemies is made a lot easier if you catch the enemy while they are off guard. If you can transport 2 squads at least via APC to the docks located east/north-east of the Jiangmen flag, you are easily within range of the main defenders of the Jiangmen compound.
    After insertion, the Chinese squads should move immediately, moving towards the gardens north while the IFVs (or APCs) provide cover of the high ground. The IFV's should then do a mobile sweep to the south, primarily to look out for enemies that can be taken out later on. The IFV's then should rejoin the attack on the main compound, and try suppress targets on the roofs in the compound and to stop any counter-attacking forces.
    The 2 squads should try and grenade their way and attempt to force a quick breach. If the breach is done quickly, the enemies focusing on the other entry points will not have enough time to react to the situation, as they have lost their situational awareness attempting to focus on one area.
    After this, more infantry support should be brought in via APC to clear out any enemies the IFV's spotted to the south of the compound.
    If done successfully and with skill, this should take around 10 minutes; quick overrun.

    Northern River cross for stealthy attack
    Preferably the river cross should be done with APCs near the land bridge. But can be swam at places closer to the North Bridge.
    Although there is not a forest, the hilly/elevated area to the north (west side of the intersection) can provide cover almost all the way to road just 50m north of the tip of the village.
    This is same as the south attack. The force should act as one large front line sweeping the town. And while the main centre force takes care of the Jiangmen compound, the squads on the flanks progress south to neutralise any enemies there and attempt to prevent a counter-attack from the south. This should be supported by IFVs after the flank squads have begun their duty of clearing enemies to the south.

    Bridge Fire fight as lure from main defence
    This really depends on whether the US is deciding to defend one or both of the bridges.
    The main idea is that a light squad supported with APCs engages in a fire fight across the bridge and attempts to lure the enemy away from the main objective; Jiangmen. Another force comes over to overrun Jiangmen and then quickly overrun the forces at the bridge to prevent any counter-attack. The main attacking force is to be supported with IFVs. Which will later defend strategic road points such as the T intersection to the south and the main intersection at the north to prevent counter-attack by infantry/soft-skin vehicles.

    This is simply a blob of information I have gathered and put into format of strategies I believe would work based on my opinion and experience. It's a WIP and any suggestions would be greatly accepted. I'm also very bored, so I decided to write some tactics threads to make sure I don't bore to death. :)

    *As a defending faction, it might be better to try and keep the enemy out of the village. As then you can find yourself in quick fire-fights where skill and tactics easily turn the tide. The Gas Station has a great view point and is easily defendable. It attempts to prevent things like attacks from the south and from across the bridge.
    *You should try to build some defences like wire that barricade the entrances to infantry and vehicles.
    *As a defending faction it might also be advisable to keep your forces spread out. That way if friendlies are overrun somewhere to your south, you wont immediately come under contact and that gives you time to plan your actions on contact.
    *Try to utilise your vehicles in a defensive role to stop infantry from getting into the village, this can help your infantry from having to deal with even more lead.
    *Don't place a squad in some compound to defend, compounds are grenade havens and they aren't the best defend points. They can also be overrun quite easily. This is apart from the Jiangmen flag compound.
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