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AA 'corridor' tactic for effective air-space coverage.

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  • AA 'corridor' tactic for effective air-space coverage.

    Many advanced AA systems today are placed strategically and defensively to make a great line of impassable AA to nearly all 4th generation aircraft. I was thinking in PR to sort of recreate this large line in the form of an AA corridor. Utilising AAV's, MANPADs and static deployable AA positions to create this.

    2 or more AA units/positions are set up in a line and have overlapping targeting range (they can both have the ability to target another AA's target).
    This would be distanced most likely at a few hundred meters away from each other. And it would also be positioned on vantage points and hills/mountains which provide large view area/airspace coverage.

    Once these AA have been positioned, they're job is to take down any enemy aircraft that enter the corridor, or in other words, the area where 1 AA's targeting and firing range overlaps another. The idea is that the aircraft/helicopter will be targeted by multiple AA's as they enter the gap or corridor. This allows one AA to act as a decoy for countermeasures that will usually be deployed after firing while the other AA fires when the countermeasures have been used.

    Usually, dependant on the airspace coverage/vantage points/view distance, you might be able to get distance between 300m to about 700m or more of AA positions. These AA can be positioned in a line from North to South, West to East, etc.
    Or instead, a different formation to form a deep corridor is a large, long line of AA positioned like a wedge, so that the aircraft/helicopter that enters the corridor will be trapped within it for several seconds and is flanked by AA positions.

    One thing that will faulter with this is the ability of the team to do so. The resources (Supplies and diggers for FOB and static AA) and how much men it takes off of the front-line.
    Also, it may be better to have sporadic AA around the map rather than having 1 specific area to cover. However because of the long sight range and targeting range of AA on some maps. These lines can extend the map length. It's a WIP any suggestions will be welcomed greatly.




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