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TOW on Qwai River. Tactics/Strategies for US with TOW.

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  • TOW on Qwai River. Tactics/Strategies for US with TOW.

    The 0.86 version of Qwai river offers only 1 TOW to the USMC I believe. Although this may seem unfair to most, remember the PLA have lost their tanks and have only APCs and IFVs. And although the TOW can kill APCs/IFVs in 1 shot, that does not give you the order to go Rambo searching for IFVs and APCs. Like in 0.85, you must play defensively to make sure you can maximise your enemies asset loss while keeping your TOW alive. This thread will go through some tactics and strategies for using the TOW to ideally in Qwai River, PR.

    For some of you who may not know:

    What is a TOW?
    *It stands for Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wired guided If I remember. It is essentially a powerful rocket launcher that can be guided by the user to a target. Capable of penetrating some of the toughest armour.
    What do we mean when we say TOW in PR?
    *Whenever someone says TOW their often referring to a TOW Humvee; basically a TOW mounted on top of a roof of a US Humvee soft-skin vehicle.
    How powerful is it in PR?
    *Very, although their are different types of TOW launchers, mounted on vehicles or stationary, they all have the ability to neutralise enemy armour quickly. In PR, TOW shots on heavy armoured tanks are not enough to neutralise (dependant on what part of the armour the TOW hits). However they can track the tanks (make them unable to move) and severely cripple them to a point where the second shot is among one of the easiest in PR.

    Remember that even though the TOW is powerful, and even more so when mounted on top of a vehicle. But that TOWs mounted on soft-skin vehicles cannot withstand much punishment, because it's simply that, a soft-skin vehicle.
    On Qwai River, as mentioned earlier, you only get 1 TOW to fight the PLA assets. You must make sure you don't take any unnecessary risks that could lead to the loss of the TOW. It takes 20 minutes to respawn and is the main thing that is meant to stop the US infantry from getting raped by IFVs and APCs. It is by far the most important asset for the US on Qwai River.

    The main idea or strategy that has proved well is to play defensively with the TOW. But what does this mean?
    Well we'll break it down. There is offence and there is defence. When you are on the offensive, you are aggressive and usually you're taking every open shot, you also move a lot more into the action and danger zone. Being on the offence and in the danger zone means that you are more likely to get killed.
    Defence is the opposite, you are more calm and quiet, you don't venture out into the battle zone but instead wait for it to come to you. You take advantage of your knowledge of the area to keep the enemy back and capture them in a surprise perhaps. You are much more focused and precise rather than being on the offence and shooting everything that moves. Because you have more focus, you are going to die less often compared to being on the offence. Also, being on the defence means you are usually in a friendly zone, which gives you more assurance/peace of mind and can mentally help you because you know that someone may be there to help if you get caught in something bad.

    A defence will always cost less blood than an offence. And usually you are given assurance because you are waiting for the enemy to come to you, which is a lot easier than going to them. And as mentioned above, you feel safer which helps you mentally.
    With the TOW, it is advisable in the first half an hour or so to play on this defence. Stay on your side of the river, and know the area. Use that knowledge to destroy any PLA assets that attempt a river crossing. Don't stay in 1 place. As being stationary you never know where the enemy is; you should always be suspicious. Keeping mobile will limit enemy intel and thus keep you operating as a TOW with a lot more peace of mind knowing that 3 IFVs aren't going to come out of nowhere and pump 25mm H-E shells in your face.
    After time has expired, listen to friendly intel, and move a bit more freely. 1 thing that massively helps a TOW HMMVW operator is knowing where his targets are. Like nearly all other units, whether it be on land, sea or air, always benefit from knowing where the enemy is first. This allows you to plan for a quick attack.
    When you have gone over to the other side, keep moving. It isn't advisable to stop unless you have friendlies nearby or you're setting up an ambush. You should stay in one spot for at the most 3 minutes. As a TOW you should play a bit like a raider. Form ambushes on roads you know the enemy may take. Or use friendly intel on assets to do a quick, hit and run attack. Remember, if you stay around in 1 position for too long, the enemy catches on. If you don't get the job of killing an asset over and done with, the enemy will have time to react and form an ambush of their own.

    Remember, when using a TOW, play defensively. Use friendly intel to your advantage, let the enemy come to you. If you do go a bit on the offence, remember to strike quickly and strike precisely. Make it quick like a raider attack and wreak havoc before they can realise what is happening. That will be key to your success as a TOW operator in PR. Believe me a TOW doesn't need that much experience to shoot. Like anything else, aim and shoot.
    Driving and leading the TOW is a lot harder. As the driver you should take into account the things I have mentioned in this thread. In Qwai, the US team is relying on the TOW to kill the IFV and APC horde that the PLA have brought with them. Remember that whenever you drive out of that main base. People are counting on you.




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