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Something New: Intro and Infantry roles

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  • Something New: Intro and Infantry roles

    After reading Dslyexci's 'Tactics, Techniques & Procedural Guide' for Arma 2 and Shack Tactical. I thought that some of those realistic ideas could be implemented and slightly differed to make a more realistic setting for Project Reality.
    'Something New' will be a series of posts which will be focused to increasing realism for PR at TG as individual guides. After all have been posted, they will be released in one gigantic post in the TG project reality forums, to gather more attention to them.
    'Something New' is centralized around infantry, although some combined arms elements (I.E. aircraft, helicopters and armoured vehicles) will be included. It is mainly directed to infantry realism.
    These posts will not be edited to heavy extent, but the final compilation will be.

    This post will discuss the roles of the Infantry kits in PR. That can be included into a normal infantry squad. The following kits will not be included because they are specialty kits that usually aren't implemented into standard infantry squads: Anti-tank, Sniper, Crewman, Pilot, Combat engineer.

    General roles for all squad members:

    Each squad member is there to help his squad and team, using his skills to help complete the current objective.

    Each squad member is expected to perform his role solely to the best of his ability.

    Each squad member needs to be ready to take individual initiative.

    Kit roles:

    The following roles will include the following kits: Rifleman (Also known as Militant,Warrior,Insurgent equipped with AK-47 and AK-74 rifles), Officer (Cell Leader), Medic, Automatic Rifleman, Rifleman AT, Grenadier and Marksman.

    *Most basic soldier
    *His role is to kill and initiate manouveurs around the enemy to surround him
    *For conventional forces, he can either be equipped with a scope or aimpoint/iron sight. His role does not change with either
    *Helps to keep the enemy pinned down
    *Junior member of squad, usually one of the last to be left in command

    *Leader of the entire squad
    *Role is to lead the other soldiers and use tactics and knowledge to accomplish the objective, whether it be killing a dug in squad or moving in to capture a flag
    *He can also keep the enemy pinned down with his rifle
    *He has the final word on the decisions
    *Arguably most important person in the squad
    *First in command

    *Soldier specialised in healing and reviving friendlies who are wounded in action
    *Role is to keep squad members, followed by other teammates, alive and combat effective
    *He needs to be behind the force, he should not tend to get in the firefight but rather hang back in cover until a wounded person needs to be treated
    *Should only use his weapon in personal defence or for defence of other squad members which are in immediate danger
    *One of the most important people in the squad
    *Prioritises wounded soldiers
    *Can order soldiers to engage certain enemies if that enemy(s) is preventing the revival or treatment of friendly WIAs.
    *Third in command

    Automatic Rifleman
    *Soldier designed to support friendlies by supressing enemies and overwhelming them with heavy, effective and accurate fire
    *Second in command
    *Useful at long range

    Rifleman AT
    *Standard riflemen with a different piece of equipment: A light ant-tank rocket
    *Role is to take out enemy light armour, such as jeeps and APCs.
    *Can perform normal duties of a rifleman like pinning down the enemy or moving in to kill them
    *Slightly a more important soldier than the rifleman
    *Fourth in command

    *A rifleman with the ability to launch indirect fire with his rifle under-barrel grenade launcher
    *Basically a rifleman who has long range grenades
    *Not more important than the rifleman, it's basically what he is
    *Partial support soldier
    *One of the last in command

    *Soldier designated to take out targets at long range with precise accuracy
    *He can use his rifle as an act of supression, keeping the enemies head's down for fear they will get shot themselves
    *Not an overly important soldier, the Automatic Rifleman fulfills his purpose much better
    *One of the last in command

    This finishes the first part. Next part will be: Squad Structure.




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