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  • Something new: Squad Structure

    This part will cover the squad structure for 'Something New'.

    In PR, squads total up to 6 people. This part will cover 6 man and 4 man squads.

    The 3 main parts of a squad are as follows:
    *Whole squad

    The whole squad is all 6 people in the squad. Each one performs their own role to the best of their ability and attempt to accomplish the main objective

    Fireteams can comprize of 3-man elements in a 6 man squad, or can be called so as 2-man elements of 4 man squads. Fireteams have a certain, common objective, like fire support or assault and manouveur. Usually determined upon their kits. Fireteams use their role to help accomplish the main objective and can accomplish smaller, secondary objectives of lower priority.

    Buddies are 2-man elements in a 6 man squad, they can also be 2-man for a 4 man squad. Even though it conflicts with the fireteam for a 4 man team, the roles are much different. Buddies are meant to look out for eachother especially, and the higher one in command is meant to guide the lower in command. Basically, one is the leader of the buddy team and the other is the assistant. This helps to build a teamwork attitude.
    When Fireteams in 6-man squads are used, the buddy system sort of falls apart, but fireteams themselves are already meant to be looking out for eachother too.

    Below I have listed some of the common buddy assignments:

    Officer and Medic
    These 2 are probably the most important people in the squad. The officer and medic are a great combination as the officer can help organise fire support and supression to allow the medic to retrieve WIAs. And making sure friendlies stay alive is probably the most important thing in the battlefield.

    Automatic Rifleman and Rifleman
    The rifleman in this buddy system provides spotting, target adjustment for auto rifleman and extra ammo. This also allows the rifleman player (since the rifleman is a basic soldier, he can be a role for the newer player) to be taken under the wind of the Automatic rifleman and have a share of good experience.

    Rifleman AT and Grenadier/Marksman/Rifleman
    The 3 last soldiers are possible combinations. They usually don't have overly more experience. But in my view the AT should have the more experience than the other infantry kits. It doesn't always have to be that way. Remember that the main idea of the buddy system is to give players a teamwork and mateship/brother feel. A more realistic sense of what many armed forces are like.

    Fireteams also have a leader. Usually he will be the the most important person, or one with the most experience.

    For the examples of fire-teams, their roles will be:

    Fireteam A, Assault & Manouveur

    Fireteam B, Fire support and Medevac

    Fireteam A structure:
    *Officer, 1st in command
    *Grenadier, 2nd in command
    *Rifleman, 3rd in command

    Fireteam B structure:
    *Automatic rifleman, 1st in command
    *Medic, 2nd in command
    *Rifleman AT, 3rd in command

    In each fireteam, the leader will make the decisions necessary to complete the current objective. This can be from telling his soldiers to stay a bit further back or arranging them into different fire positions. Ultimately the Officer, or Squad Leader of the entire squad, can make the final decision if he thinks the Fireteam leader is doing something incorrect or for any other reason.

    The soldiers who follow in command only take command if the 1st soldier in command appoints them, or if the 1st soldier is WIA or KIA (Killed in Action).

    The point of having soldiers taking command if the soldier that was originally in command is no longer capable of doing so, or is appointed, is to make sure that the squad or fireteam can stay organised. In the battlefield, organisation is key. Keeping organisation present after the main soldier is killed is key in survival.

    This concludes 2nd Part of 'Something New'. Next part will be: Individual roles of Infantrymen, basic skills and procedures.


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    Re: Something new: Squad Structure

    EDIT. I meant 'taken under the wing', not wind.





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