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    The Platoon is easily describable as a larger force than a squad. Platoons can vary in size, but with the 32 player per team layout of PR, there should be ideally 2 platoons per team.
    Platoons are large co-ordinating forces which, although they have additional firepower and manpower, require more co-ordination than a normal 6-man squad.

    Platoon Structure
    Each platoon consists of, at most, 16 players. This allows for 2 platoons per team (16 doubled = 32).

    In each platoon, there are 3 squads. with 2 consisting of 6 players, and the last 1 consisting of 4 players. The roles of each squad are as follows:
    *Squad Alpha: Field Element 1 (6 players)
    *Squad Bravo: Field Element 2 (6 players)
    *Squad Charlie: Field Command Element (4 players)

    Squad Alpha and Bravo do not have specific roles because it can vary, and it is usually up to Squad Charlie, the field command Element.

    In each squad, the layout of each individual soldier by default is as follows:

    Squad Alpha
    *1 Officer (Squad Leader)
    *1 Medic
    *1 Automatic Rifleman
    *2 Riflemen (1 acts as assistant for Auto Rifle)
    *1 Grenadier (Fireteam Leader)

    Squad Bravo
    *1 Officer (Squad Leader)
    *1 Medic
    *1 Automatic Rifleman
    *2 Riflemen (1 acts as assistant for Auto Rifle)
    *1 Grenadier (Fireteam Leader)

    Squad Charlie
    *1 Officer (Squad Leader Charlie/Platoon Commander)
    *1 Medic (Platoon Medic)
    *1 Rifleman (Security)
    *1 Grenadier (Platoon Sargeant)

    In each squad, there are command roles and individual roles, as listed above. The description of these roles are:
    Platoon Commander
    *Field soldier in charge of the Platoon
    *Has final decision (except before the Team commander)
    *Leader of Squad Charlie
    *Makes tactical decisions (e.g. which squad assaults, Fire and manouveur etc)
    Platoon Sargeant
    *Field Soldier who is 2nd in command of Platoon
    *Helps Platoon CO
    *Soldier for co-ordinating Arms support via armour or CAS
    *Soldier for co-ordinating Logistics and transport efforts
    Platoon Medic
    *Highest order medical officer
    *Co-ordinates casualty reports to Platoon CO
    *Co-ordinates casualty rescue with medics
    *Can act as a reserve medic if a Bravo or Alpha squad medic go down
    *Soldier who provides security for squad (in this case, the rifleman provides security for the Field Command Element)
    *Prevents the element from being taken down in the event that the enemy sneaks up behind them
    *Acts as early warning that the enemy is near the Field CO element
    Squad Leader (Bravo, Alpha)
    *Co-ordinates his squad
    *Relays relevant information to Platoon CO
    *Leader of squad
    *Makes sure everyone in his squad is doing what they're supposed to be doing
    Fireteam Leader (Alpha, Bravo
    *Has command of his squad's fireteam
    *Relays relevant information to his squad leader

    The Command Field Element are usually at the FOB (Foward Operations Base) that should be deployed before the initial plan begins. In the event that the FOB is compromized, the Command Field element needs to fall back and establish contact with their squads to do so as well. The FOB provides a defensible position from where the Platoon Leaders can operate with a degree of safety. The FOB can be used as a fall back position if designated so.
    Each fireteam in a platoon can vary to be either 3 or 4 players (in this layout 4 players were used). It's all up to the Team commander initially, or the Platoon CO secondly.

    Some of the roles and such mentioned conflict with the first post I made on 'Something New'. Ultimately, it is up to the leaders on which kit is designated as what command.

    The idea of the platoon is to make a larger, more powerful force than just 1 squad. With the high level of manpower and firepower in co-ordination, it can be a lot more easier to overwhelm the enemy.

    This concludes this part. Next part will be a more thought out version of one of the first posts. I'm running out of ideas.:)




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