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  • Assaulting a Position

    Assaulting can be fun, just by blowing off your enemies head or chucking a grenade into a gaggle of enemies. However, many people have just said "Alright, here's a flag, lets rush it" Which often results in those people becoming K.I.A.
    To make sure you can assault with maximum potential, you need to consider quite a few things and be organised.

    Firstly, realize that sometimes assaults will cost more blood than defence, and that you will almost always take casualties. When preparing an assault, you should gather intelligence on the enemy position via any type of recon squad. Or, by simply setting up near the enemy position and viewing their position. When you gather intelligence, you need to look for:
    *How many enemies there are
    *Whether there are any enemy vehicles supporting
    *What kits the enemies have, if possible
    *Any reinforcement points, like rallies and FOBs
    *Any dug in positions, like foxholes and HMGs
    *Where the enemy is located
    *What the enemy is doing, such as patrolling or digging defenses

    Once this intel has been gathered, you need to assemble your plan based on that knowledge.You can do this by using S.M.E.A.C. You can refer to the Bf2 SOPs in the Bf2 announcments and SOPs forums for information on S.M.E.A.C. But basically it stands for Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration/Logistics and Communication/Signals

    Let me give you an example of a unit planning an assault using S.M.E.A.C:
    *The friendly assaulting force consists of 2 6-man infantry squads (Alpha and Bravo) supported by 2x Bradley (Charlie) and Sniper/Recon team (Delta).
    *The enemy defending force is believed to have at least 1 and 1/2 squads (totalling 9 soldiers) with support from 2x enemy tanks and 1x enemy IFV
    *The enemy is expected to bring up their heavy armour as soon as we attack
    *Our squad (Bravo) will be tasked to spearhead the infantry assault.
    *Squad Alpha will follow in behind our assault, Charlie will provide cover from armour and delta will support with sniper fire against enemy infantry.
    *The assault will take place in the next 10 minutes at Echo 5, keypad 6
    *According to command we need to take the enemy position in 15 minutes before the enemy jets re-spawn
    *We have been tasked with this mission because we are the only full 6-man infantry squads
    *We hope to take the position in the first 10 minutes of the assault and secure the area for an FOB to be constructed nearby
    *Apart from taking the position, command wants us to secure any enemy H-AT kits if possible. Our secondary objective will be to neutralize the dug-in defenses in the area.
    *Command wishes to secure the position in 10 minutes and construct an FOB within the following 5 minutes
    *Squad Delta and Charlie will provide suppressive fire while squads Alpha and Bravo move into the eastern gate for proper insertion into the enemy position. Squad Bravo will neutralize any threats and secure the bunker closest to the east gate. Bravo will then defend while Alpha secures the bunker west of the closest bunker. Upon Alpha taking the west-most bunker, Bravo will proceed to neutralize enemy dug in positions if possible. Alpha will do so only after Bravo has. Supplies will then be dropped in via ground-supply truck and Alpha squad will build an FOB. Squad Charlie will move west to make sure there is no enemy armour flanking the infantry. Squad Delta will provide overwatch for all Alpha and Bravo.
    *There will be no ammo resupply available until the position has been secured.
    *No medevac assets available, only squad medics, who are encouraged to stay out of the fight unless absolutely necessary.
    *There is no Area Attack available.
    *Close Air Support is available but will only be called upon if squad Charlie is taken down
    *Squad leaders of all squads to be in SL mumble channel 1
    *Teamspeak only for Command element and Charlie squad, Charlie is still in mumble
    *Use purple smoke to mark positions as they are secure
    *Green smoke strictly used for supply drop locations

    Then, after having planned your mission, you simply initiate it. Before you do, however, you may want to ask for any questions just so they can be cleared up then and there, rather than when in battle. Remember to stick to the mission, if you cannot remember a part, you can ask your commanding element. You may even want to write the main points down on paper. When the mission is going on, make sure you look at your map every now and then to make assessments of the situation. Be on the lookout for enemy reinforcements, and send SITREPs to the commanding element when the situation is necessary (e.g. when you've taken casualties from a flanking force of enemy reinforcements) and when requested to do so.

    The most important part when you have completed your planning is that everyone understands it, so, as mentioned above, the Commanding element should ask for any questions that need clarifying with the SLs, and the SLs should clarify any confusions within their own squad. After having assaulted and taken a position you should always assume the enemy will make a swift counter-attack. So be ready to go on the defensive. Bottom line-never let your guard down, just because you killed the defenders doesn't mean that the fight is over, you can almost always expect some enemies to attempt to avenge their fallen comrades by counter-attacking.

    To conclude this, the only way a rag-tag assault can go well is if the enemy is a bunch of FNGs. Always assume the enemy is smart, and use necessary tactics to help you out-smart them and take their position. Always assume they're really good, and you will be successful.


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    Re: Assaulting a Position

    Interesting... Never thought about timed-attacks. Thanks for the post!


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      timing is everything

      I'd back that, its the basis for coordination. One of the worst reoccurring mistakes is for squad leaders to demand immediate support, typically this happens with laser and cas.

      Works tons better if in comms a couple of mins before any attack. Two squads attacking from each flank at the same time is awesome

      If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.




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