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Freeze with no error

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  • Freeze with no error

    This use to happen with demo and now with retail aswell.
    When I join a game everything runs fine and so on. But at anytime it will just randomly freeze with a looping sound and I never get a blue screen of death or anything. I use to get a blue screen about nv4_disp.dll but I only have found one reason fro that on the nvidia forums(nv4_disp.dll was a graphics card issue). But now it just freezes and i get nothing. Does anyone else know another cure for nv4_disp.dll problem or wether my computer stores an error log somewhere to even see if it is still the graphics card causing it to freeze?

    AMD Anthlon XP 2800+
    Windows XP PRO(service pack 2)
    BFG nvidia FX 5900(latest drivers)
    512 ram
    Realtek AC'97 sound(w/e came with my mother board)
    ECS KT600A motherboard

    Need anything else just let me know.
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