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Creative X-Fi CMSS 3D headphones setup for BF2

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  • Creative X-Fi CMSS 3D headphones setup for BF2

    Really, how do you do this? There is so little info out there on the subject. When I enable the 3D headphones, It really does make pinpointing a noise extremely easy, as if you were actually standing right there waiting for the sound to come, but whenever it is enabled it makes everything sound kind of muted, kind of flat, but at the same time, sharp sounds sound like the gain has been turned up to 11. Removes a lot of the base too. Does anyone know how I can properly configure sound system for BF2 so it will sound as good as it does when 3D headphones is off, but will be as accurate as when it is turned on?


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    Re: Creative X-Fi CMSS 3D headphones setup for BF2

    In BF2 AND BF2142 your EAX settings are what give the best 3d effects. Here is a list of the EAX games: When Vista and Win 7 came along you had to have Creative Alchemy installed to get the same effect.

    For current games such as CoD BO you can use x-fi cmss 3d. What I do is go to your windows control panel and set your speaker config to most number of speakers (i.e. 5.1 or 7.1). Next go into your Creative Console, select game mode, then select headset and enable x-fi cmss 3d. Personally i leave the crystalizer off. I hope this helps.




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