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Hardware specs for dedicated PR server

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  • Hardware specs for dedicated PR server

    Hey all.

    So recently ive been knocking out certs for work. I have a machine here i use as a test box for windows deployment. Its a Dell optiplex 755 Core2 Quad Q9550 with 6gigs of RAM and an intel Pro1000 enterprise level dual nic. It currently has Server 2008 x64 and runs hyperV. The game server is installed on both but currently only on the core for testing. May switch it to a VM depending on the resources it needs.

    What are the required specs for running up to 64 players? My connection to the net sees 16Mbps down and 3-4Mbps up. The nic installed on that machine can easily handle the traffic, just not too sure about everything else.

    After a ton of portforwarding and testing with a friend, We got the server to show up in the game list. Now I just need to do some more homework and hopefully get the PR approval.

    I am also more than happy to let TG use it, if needed, for any practices, games, or whatnot as long as the hardware and connection is up to spec.

    TG brought me the best gaming experience to date and Id like to pay it back any way I can.
    Thanks to Tactical Gamer...Im still unemployed



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