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  • Commander Crash

    Hey all, sorry if this has been posted on before but I cant find a solution anywhere.
    I have random crashes during play, these I can (semi) deal with.

    I am getting in-game freezing where the screen will just freeze. There is no warning, e.g. the framerate is good and there are no dips in performance before this occurs. Luckily I can play 4, maybe 5 rounds before this occurs. However if I decide to be the commander this is when it gets really funky. I'm okay as commander in the commanders screen, but let's say I come out of that screen for a minute and return to the fight, afew minutes of doing that I will get a crash, e.g. a freeze or the screen just goes black, but the computer is still running. It's like yesterday... I spent some time as commander... someone found my hideout and knifed me, as I returned to the First person screen from the commander screen to watch my attacker... as he knifed me it crashed.

    Can anyone help? I'm getting ready to chuck it all in.

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    Re: Commander Crash

    I just encountered a different problem, but it still seemed due to being commander. (I mainly base that claim on the fact that I have never encoutered this before today while commanding) I was on USMC side on the Songhua Stalemate map and we didn't have a CO, so after a bit I stepped up. Unfortunately, just as I was begining to get settled in I lose connection. Then after I reconnect and hit the apply CO button just as I get in the seat the same thing happens again. On my third connect I just ditch the idea of being CO. =/

    Just the next map(the penninsula one) I switched sides and again found no CO there already, so I hopped in a little earlier this time. Things went pretty well, we won, and apart from my misgivings about having to assign a great squad to defense of the radio tower despite few hostiles in sight of it for a while all was good. During this game I had no troubles at all. I noted also that last night I had commanded a map and had no problems, and that that one was also a MEC map. What that leaves me with is just an assumption that something is wrong with the Chinese maps or at least just that one.

    Or maybe its all just baseless speculation. ;P
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