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Game crashes/freez pc

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  • Game crashes/freez pc

    So I installed pr on another pc to play and everything runs smoothly on medium settings and it would probs run at high fairly smoothly also. and it After like 10 min playing the game freezes up along with the laptop and I have to press the power button to shut the pc down.

    Toshiba laptop running intel I3 and all settings to medium

    EDIT: I've already ruled out some possible causes. 1) lack of processing speed. 2)temperature and ive already re-installed the game but it still has the same outcome.
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    Re: Game crashes/freez pc

    Bump. ive also posted the prob here but still no solutions

    It is also not a memory issue. and seems to be related to win 7 ultimate 64 bit from what ive read.


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      Re: Game crashes/freez pc

      Some things to try:

      -check windows event log to see what happened when the game froze up
      -run PR as admin
      -run PR in XP compatibility mode
      -turn off EAX and set sound quality to low/medium
      -turn off antivirus software
      -turn off running background programs
      -turn off superfetch/prefetch and indexing services.


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        Re: Game crashes/freez pc

        It does it consistently after 10 mins? That sounds like a temperature problem to me. Typically if it's a time sensitive error but otherwise things run smoothly, it's a temperature issue. Where are you getting the 65o from? Is that the CPU, the GPU, some other part of the laptop? Temps within the laptop can vary greatly. And temperature measuring programs can be off. Speedfan for instances tells me my motherboard is 8o. I wish! Real temp tells me 40ish. So Speedfan is giving me a figure 35o below where it likely is.




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