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Documenting the IFF bug -- JMJ, need your help

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  • Documenting the IFF bug -- JMJ, need your help

    Today, I played most of a full round of Zatar Wetlands and I observed this bug..

    What I saw was JMJ, who was in our squad, left our squad. What he actually did was switch sides. However, he appeared to me to be in another squad (Squad one) for the rest of the game. When he killed me, it was a friendly kill. When I killed him, it was a friendly kill. But it did not show up that way on the admin stat program I monitored. There, he showed up on the other team, and neither of us had TKs registered.

    Even worse, however, was the fact that I could see his position on the map even though he was not on my team!

    So, we now know something more about the bug. JMJ, if you can remember what you did before this happened, please post here.

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    Re: Documenting the IFF bug -- JMJ, need your help

    Few nights ago, |TG| Snap, on Omar, appeared to my squad as friendly, AND a squad leader (imagine seeing two squad leader icons on your radar and on the ground).

    Unfortunatley for him, since he was listed as a SL, my whole squad always knew where he was on the map... ;)
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