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Battle Recorder Playback Controls?

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  • Battle Recorder Playback Controls?

    well, has anyone found any documentation on the playback controls during BR playback?

    I've found that the two commo-roses contain specific functions... but I've yet to find Rewind and it's pissing me off.

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    Re: Battle Recorder Playback Controls?

    I haven't yet found any reference to a rewind command either and I agree it's quite frustrating. It so happens most of the action I want to see again is in the middle of a round so I start it @ 300% fast forwarding and if you happen to go past it you have to start from the beginning again.

    Totally unrelated, 100th post for me, yeah! :)


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      Re: Battle Recorder Playback Controls?

      From the Readme:


      As well as using the 'Q' and 'T' keys to control the playback of a
      recording, you can also use a set of keyboard shortcuts:

      - Keys 1 - 9
      Change the playback speed.

      - Toggle Free Camera / Player Camera
      Alt Fire Key. By default this is the Right Mouse Button.

      While in free camera mode:

      - W, A, S, D
      Move forwards, backwards, strafe left and right.

      - Double Tap W
      Move camera quickly. Alternatively you can hold the Sprint key.

      - Crouch / Prone
      Move camera up and down.

      - Mouse
      Rotate camera.

      While in the player follow camera mode:

      - Space bar
      Next / previous player.

      - W and A or the mouse scroll wheel
      Zoom camera in and out.

      - Crouch / Prone
      Tilt the camera up and down.

      - Mouse
      Rotate camera around the player.

      There is no rewind to my knowledge.


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        Re: Battle Recorder Playback Controls?

        No rewind is totally bogus. They've had those since the VCR?!!!!? Thanks a lot for posting all the controls man, saved me the time of searching.




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