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Vadso City CTD

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  • Vadso City CTD

    Vadso City CTD will always crash at about 90% loading, not even making a staticy crash noise a program that crashes usually makes. I had this issue before with my 8800gt 512mb with maps like dragonfly, and had to have textures set on meduim for it to load, but I upgraded to a GTX 560 1gb, (rest of the system is win xp 32 and 4 gig of system memory). This fixed the issue with all maps initially part of .973 but with the new map pack, Vadso City and Black Gold just CTD. However, Pavlovsk Bay, a new mappack 4km map loads perfectly.

    Upon further testing, Vadso City does load successfully when set to medium textures, but Black Gold still CTD.

    And something someone may know about that seems like it could be a problem in the future:

    I have the alt tab hotfix installed along with the latest punkbuster, and all on a just new fresh install of BF2 and PR. I have deleted the cache and my profile, which I then recovered, but every time I alt-f4, ~exit or just click quit, BF2 acts like it CTD, as the desktop is INSTANTLY there, and it produces the windows "your program had a fatal error *dong* sound" every time.


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