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Connection Error (continued)

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  • Connection Error (continued)

    Okay. This is driving me nuts. I rebuilt and reinstalled per Tweakguides. The rig is running better than ever with all things except BF2.

    Every few minutes I get the "there is an error with your connection" pause. Sometimes it kicks back in others it disconnects altogether. I have updated PB manually.

    I ran the UOTrace per EA's tech page. I would appreciate any feedback on interpreting the results. Additionally, if someone who isn't having this problem we be kind enough to run the trace and let us know how yours compares, that would be great.

    I'm at a loss. This didn't start happening until I installed the 2nd patch. I have installed, reinstalled, and reinstalled again to no avail. It happens on all servers now.

    I couldn't get the results to format correctly so I'm trying to attach a txt file.
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    Re: Connection Error (continued)

    Are you still having this problem? Who is your service provider?

    I ask because much of the hardware in the NC/SC area was being updated/replaced in the same timeframe as the release of the second patch. In fact, my ISP (Alltel) was down for over two weeks.

    From the packetloss you are showing on some of those routers I'm wondering if you had the same thing happening.
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      Re: Connection Error (continued)

      I'm with knology, a cable provider. Yes, it is still happening. I keep tweaking, but nothing so far has remedied the issue.


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        Re: Connection Error (continued)

        Originally posted by Sabre_Six_4/64
        I'm with knology, a cable provider. Yes, it is still happening. I keep tweaking, but nothing so far has remedied the issue.
        I know this might sound drastic, but I would replace the following items in order and see if it helps any of your problems.

        1) Network cable from your router to your PC.
        2) Cablemodem.
        3) Router.

        I used to have problems like this with Ghost Recon. I was getting disconnected CONSTANTLY while trying to play games, yet browsing the web and doing other things worked just fine. It turned out to be a problem with my Cablemodem. Replacing it solved all of those problems.
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          Re: Connection Error (continued)

          Thanks! I will take this advice and act upon it with the upmost speed...because this is killing me. My cable modem is pretty old.


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            Re: Connection Error (continued)

            I had a problem with America's Army.. Whenever the menu would load, my cable modem would reset itself. So like when I first started the game, I'd have to wait a few seconds to use the server browser. Then I could join a game and play no problem. If I went back to the menu -- cable modem reset itself.

            Since I rented the modem from Comcast, I just took it down to my local office and swapped it out. No problems after that.

            Do you have problems on all BF2 servers? Try some of the EA WC and EC servers, I know they're in different data centers (and thus take different paths around the internet) than TG's servers. Do you happen to have more than one NIC in the computer you could try (long shot, but my motherboard has 2 on it).

            I think the packetloss is normal as some routers may be configured to not respond to those packets.

            Do you have a friend on a different ISP you could take your computer to? (another longshot, but...) That would help determine if it's an ISP problem or a problem on your computer.
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              Re: Connection Error (continued)

              if you want to go more indept about those nods that look like packet loss(might just be that they are configured for extra security, did you try a simple "ping" from dos prompt?), a sofware called Neotrace can give you more info, there should be a trial still available. Some of my teammates where having routing problems in the early days of ecgn servers, the traceroute showed he was going from east coast to west coast and back to east, that was quite a detour, I talked a bit with the server provider for our game and the next day they had contacted the admin at the faulty nod and the routing table was adjusted the same day. Noetrace give you the admins email adress and phone number for each nod, could be usefull if there are suspicious nods in you trace, you could also contact your isp and provide them with this new info. Also test your conection at check what kind of tools they have there, they cover all broadband ISPs across the continent.

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                Re: Connection Error (continued)

                Thanks for the help, everyone. I will try as I can.

                To answer some of the questions:

                This happens on all servers. EC, TG, punk and non punk. It did not happen during the demo and did not happen prior to the patch.

                I have two NICs on my ASUS A8N SLI Premium and have tried them both.





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