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  • Red Tag Question?

    Hey guys, have to say the TG servers are the best around for playing BF2 and have had lots of fun with excellent team work 90% of the time.

    On to the problem.

    I have noticed recently a lot of my teammates are getting red tags and causing unwanted team kills. The other night I killed a person with a red tag by accident thinking it was the enemy, and then later that night I had a red tag and was killed about a dozen times in a 20 min time frame by my squad mates. Then tonight im in an attack helo and seen a car with a red tag so I blow it up and find out it was another team mate that I had killed.

    Is this red tag issue a server problem? or is my system causing it? Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it in game so a person shows up as blue/green instead of red? And has anyone heard if Dice is planning on fixing this anytime soon?

    Sorry for all the questions but this is the most frustrating bug I have with BF2.


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    Re: Red Tag Question?

    Yeah, we've posted about this before. It's common and it also happens the other way around where enemies show up as friendlies. It happened to me today with two enemy players that actually showed up as in my squad.

    DICE probably knows about it but they haven't acknowledged it formally and I haven't seen anything about it being fixed for 1.03. Although, the next patch will have a lot of fixes and I hope this is one bug that will be squashed.

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      Re: Red Tag Question?

      It's commonly reffered to as the IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) bug. It happens a lot, and there is nothing that can be done about it, other than hope that it is fixed in the 1.03 patch, even though it is not listed in the expected fixes.


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        Re: Red Tag Question?

        Yeah it just happens sometimes... and last night it seemed to be rampant. In fact Sark and Arf were tk'ing the crap outta me till they realized I was on thier team. :) I couldn't even make it out of the base I was spawing in since Arf would shoot me in the ass on the way out. Just get on the team channel and let the person know (K key) and let the person know if you think this is happening... it's never on purpose.

        In turn I was tk'ing some guy who was actually on my squad and actually was showing red. In the heat of battle it's just gonna happen until this bug gets fixed. And it happens on all servers btw, it's not the result of any modding here.

        However, the uniforms never change even if the IFF is broken, so you can verify a questionable enemy by noting the uniform.
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