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Anyone else getting rebooted automatically?

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  • Anyone else getting rebooted automatically?

    I have a Tyan Tachyon 9600 Pro 128mb. I was running fine in BF2 with no real problems, but using very old drivers (the latest provided by Tyan, from 2003).

    The only problem is, that if I ran it with X-fire open, my PC would lock up... but if I didn't have X-Fire open, the game would run fine. This was happening with all DirectX games though, not just BF2.

    Anyways, I updated to the newest Omega drivers (Catalyst 5.7) for ATI to try to solve that problem... guess what I got... the "vehicles disapearing" problem! Not only that though, but I will also, around the same time, start to get very strange texture issues (ie. wierd wall-like things (that aren't supposed to be there) in the sky, in front of me, etc.). THEN, it would reboot my PC. Also, almost every time I tried to take a screenshot of the wierd lines etc, it would reboot my PC. I did finally get one screenshot without being rebooted, here ya go (click on thumbnail to view full-screen)

    So, can anyone think of anything else to try? I've also tried ATI's official Catalyst 5.7 but still the same problem. I don't want to go back down to the old Radeon 7.91 drivers, but playing without X-fire is much better than being rebooted!

    Also note, that I NEVER had disapearing vehicles, or funny lines, or rebooting (however it would lockup if X-Fire was on) until AFTER updating the drivers...

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    Re: Anyone else getting rebooted automatically?

    Its what you get with the 5.7 catalysts, they screw up BF2, it did the same to my 9800 pro, get 5.6 which works fine, I got if you want it.

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      Re: Anyone else getting rebooted automatically?

      I'm sure I could find it if I knew the exact filename...
      could you point me to a DL location, or at least give me the exact file name?

      BTW, leaving now to go on the road for a week, so I wont be able to try it until Aug 14th or so




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