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video stuttering problem lately? (and kicks to login screen)

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  • video stuttering problem lately? (and kicks to login screen)

    Guys, the last 2 or 3 nights I have been getting a lot of video stutter, sometimes so bad I can't play. I changed nothing on my system at all, no new installs, no new drivers, no video settings changes. The games always start out great with no issues, but then it's like someone throws a switch and the stutter starts. It gets so bad that if I move my mouse in a circle really fast that the speech will stutter like crazy until everything catches up. usually exiting out of the game and coming back will fix it.

    I know it's not a lack of hardware, I have 2GB of ram and I have tested it with memtest86 and I know it's good. The highest I have seen my RAM usage during gameplay is 1.2GB, so there's plenty left over.

    I'd just like to repeat that about 4 days ago and beyond, everything was completely fine, no issues at all. I checked and I know I have no erroneous programs or program updates running in the background.

    Have any of you experienced anything like this lately? I'm wondering if it could be my cable or some sort of packet error to the server.

    One more thing to add. At least once a night for the last 3 or so nights I have been getting kicked off of gamespy (or whatever you call it) back to the login screen. This means a boot from the server and I have to re-login to gamespy then rejoin the server. It's instantaneous, there is no "kick" message, and I'm 99.9999% sure it's some issue with gamespy due to the kick out of it. Anyone else ever experience this? It's really starting to get annoying to be in a good squad only to have one of these 2 issues happen.



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