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How-To: Commander VoIP to SLs

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  • How-To: Commander VoIP to SLs

    1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon (1stMIP)
    Research Report by John CANavar

    We tested CO-squad communication system and confirm that CO can easily speak to each squad or group of squads seperately !

    Talking to Squad 1 ONLY !
    - press "1" to select squad 1
    - press "B" to talk to squad 1. Other squads will not hear you

    Talking Squads 1 and 3
    - press and hold ctrl key and then press "1" and "3"
    - press "B" to talk to squads 1 and 3. Other squads will not hear you
    - the next selection you make will deselect your last one.

    Talking to All Squads
    - use V key

    - The CO-SL communication system is very easy to use for contacting individual squads, group of squads or all of them

    - We encourage all COs to use "B" key for giving out specific orders. When the radio channel extensively used (by pressing V key), it is extremely difficult to have a healthy in-squad communication. Please remember this !

    Thanks to following C-Team Members for conducting this test

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    Re: How-To: Commander VoIP to SLs

    Hi all,

    Today I finally found out why the "B" key doesn't always work when trying to talk to a specific squad only (tested this on a LAN with two PCs) and I believe this hint should be added to this thread:
    Selecting a squad and pressing B does work to talk to that squad. However, it does NOT work if you are outside of the commander screen. V still works but B only works when you're having the commander screen up!
    Sure, most will probably stay on the screen but I think it's still important to know.
    Before you say "but of course since there is no squad selection outside the commander screen": until now I always believed the squad selection in the commander screen could be used in non-commander mode, too. In any case, I felt like I should bring it up just in case. ;)




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