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  • Install Issues on Demo

    Hey Plz Dont rip on me for being cheap but this is about issues installing demo....I had it working for a few weeks and i decided to uninstall it cuz i was gonna go buy the game but.....i got sidetracked and bought another game so i come back to reinstall this and now the installer starts up. The installshield loads to 100% and then the installer crashes and nothing else happens!! Frankly im quite tired cuz ive been searching the net for to long trying to find answers to my problem and ive gone thru every procedure BF2 tech support sent me and more. And like I said BF2 DEMO was working FINE FOR 2 WEEKS and now IT WILL NOT INSTALL! Someone plz help }; )>

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    Re: Install Issues on Demo

    Is this the DEMO your trying to install? just move up to the real game, then. try deleting every refrence to BF2 you find. try downloading the demo from diffrent places. and update your system (windows update). also search for a diffrent or replacment version for installshield that you can reinstall from the Microsoft website. please delete your other thread, you posted twice.

    also, since i see your new here, Welcome to TG, bobdole 305! please read the BF2 Rules, announcments and SOP's in my sig. I and everyone else here welcomes our new recruits.




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