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A guide for PR mumble 1.0

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  • A guide for PR mumble 1.0

    PR mumble 1.0 is a very useful tool for PR that can make teamwork much easier by allowing you to talk to squad members in your squad channel over any distance (like bf2 voip), talk to anyone on your team in local chat where the sound is position based, talk to all SLs and the commander(CO) in one channel, or talk directly to individual SLs, or the CO. It automatically connects to the squad and team channel you are playing in meaning all you have to do manually is start it and log in with a username. It is highly recommended for use when playing on the TG:PR server.

    It can be downloaded here. After installing right click on the mumble icon and click on properties, then compatibility and make sure the program is run as an admin. You can also right click and run as admin each time you start mumble. Now that you have mumble installed and it will link with BF2 you can go through the audio wizard making sure the sounds work with your computer, this step shouldn't require any changes.

    Before you attempt to play a round with mumble it is good to know what the default binds do. The image below shows each default bind and its purpose.

    These binds can be changed by going to configure, clicking on settings, going to the shortcuts section and switching out the default binds for the ones you want. For example I use Y as my local key instead of H, H as my squad radio instead of NUM 0, U as my squad Leader radio instead of NUM *, and NUM 0 as my SL to CO button instead of NUM /, and I leave my NUM 1-9 keys for individual SLs.

    Once you have a setup that is easily efficient and easy to use, you can decide if you want to use an overlay. The overlay's advantage is that it is fully customizable allowing you to know why is talking, what squad they are, and if they are using positional or force center. A major downside of the overlay is that it can't be setup to nly show people talking in local near you, so if someone talks in local across the map they still pop up if you have it setup for local speech to show.

    To change or load a premade overlay go to the overlay tab on the settings window and customize it as you please. To get the overlay to work you must enable it and always start mumble before BF2.

    For an example overlay that I use download here and load it into the overlay settings. The linked overlay only has names pop up when they tank, it uses different colours to differentiate between force center and local, and has the squad number beside people not in your squad when they talk. All of this is in the bottom left corner of the screen where BF2 voip usually would pop up.

    If you have any other questions or issues with mumble we are hear to help.



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