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BT headset anyone?

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  • BT headset anyone?

    ay guys

    is anyone of you actually using a bluetooth headset for bf2 ?
    im using a scala-500 BT headset coupled with the BT hub of my dinovo kb&mouse

    2 questions :

    the "boost mic gain" option in the audio options is unavailable(coz its no physically connected mic??), and my friend said that sometimes im a bit silent. i tried to raise the volume via the windows sound options, to no avail. is there any other way to raise transmit volume or is there some sort of fix/workaround to get the damn mic gain box? :p

    and nr2:

    more of a windows related question.
    in the audio options you can set your audio device that you wish to use for playback. is there some way to actually make windows use 2 devices (my audigy AND the bt headset?) for audio playback?

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    Re: BT headset anyone?

    I have one but don't really use it for BF2. I would rather use headphones and a wired mic. The mic boost isn't supported with Bluetooth for some reason so you will sound low in game. It works great with TS though.

    It's just not worth it because you're still not getting any game VOIP routed to the headset. If you still want to do it, go to your Windows audio properties and set sound playback to your Audigy and the sound recording to the Bluetooth device.

    - It's who you game with.


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      Re: BT headset anyone?

      first off, thanks for replying :)

      yeh i was afraid that the missing "boost mic gain" box was due to it beeing a BT headset
      oh well
      i think the transmit volume is not *too* low, i just have to speak up a little when im near an arty strike or in a tank :D :D

      about the audio device, i definately dont just want to use the headset speaker :D

      i got a 7.1 surround system and would bite my own arse if i wouldnt be using it (costed a fortune and was a damn PAIN to install :D), the problem is just that sometimes other VOIP users are a bit hard to understand (especially when they got a crappy mic or a bad accent- like myself :D) so i was wondering if it was possible to use both at the same time. i imagine gettin sound of the headset would make it easier to understand others, but of course i need the 3d-sound perception. if theres no way of havin both at the same time ill of course use my speaker set, as ive been so far (just set the input dev. to BT audio and output to the audigy2zs pp, works like a charm)


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        Re: BT headset anyone?

        One of the reasons I use my 5.1 headphones is because of the VOIP. It's a little hard to understand over speakers. If I could have the VOIP separated then I would go back to using the BT headset but even then I might not like the idea of shouting.

        - It's who you game with.


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          Re: BT headset anyone?

          yeah youre right it can be very hard to understand peeps over a speaker set
          but i love it when a tank drives by and i feel the vibrations under my feet and on my desk :D
          like i said its not too much of an issue, just a bit annoying every now and then.

          havin the in-game sounds comin out of a lil speaker close to my ear i imagine, would help greatly already but if its not possible.. bummer :(

          i heard those surround headphones are pretty good (like the medusa 5.1) and have very good positional audio, but for 1) i hate headphones that arent in-ear
          annoy the hell out of me, theyre heavy, theyre bulky, they got wires and you just look like bomfunk mc's "freestyler"
          they look ridiculous :p
          and i need the vibrations :D
          you just cant beat a subwoofer




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