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  • Some Help Please

    Ok...I am frustrated to no end here. :(

    I have an awesome system:

    p4 HT 3.0 ghz
    1 gig SD400 ram
    Geforce 6800 Ultra 256

    Upgraded Premium Cable via Roadrunner.

    The problem is when I start the game and select a server, it takes forever to load! I could go mow my yard while I wait!! :P

    I have been on TS with friends and they are all in the game and I am still looking at that load screen.

    What affects the load time, and what can I do to get it up to speed?

    Thanks for any advice. :)

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    Re: Some Help Please

    load times in this game ARE freakin huge :(

    AFAIK more RAM reduces load times

    ive got a p4 [email protected] with oc'ed fsb and a gig of ram
    and i too got those humongous load times
    i usually go take a leak when the map switches
    its a few minutes for me at least


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      Re: Some Help Please

      For me, a new HDD with a bigger cache helped IMMENSELY.
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        Re: Some Help Please

        I bumped my Ram from 1 gig to 2 gigs and made a world of difference.

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          Re: Some Help Please

          I have a SATA HD and 2GB of RAM, my load times are very fast. I'm usually one of the first ones in. I typically have to wait 15-20 seconds before I can get a response from squadmates on VOIP because they are still loading. One other thing you might want to do is defrag your HD. I do that on occassion also.


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            Re: Some Help Please

            i'm on ATA133 with a GB of RAM, and i am also one of the first ones in. even when i only had a 1.8Ghz athlon XP (i'm on a 2Ghz athlon 64 now, huge difference) i'd always be in before most others.

            what takes the most time is 'verifying client information' or whatever that last step is. probably 2-3 times as long as the actual map load.

            i would say you might be onto something with the defrag, as i'm on a fresh install of windows and a newly-defragged games partition, but, even before i reformatted and cleaned stuff up, i was an early-loader. *shrug*


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              Slow to load maps?

              So this is the only thread I could find that mentions the same problem I'm seeing. After I select a server, and the map begins to load, everything slows down. The music playing in the backbround during the map load even drops into slow motion and gets distorted. Where it's really noticible is when the map has loaded and goes into the "verifying client files" phase (or whatever it says just before you get the join button). Sometimes I'm waiting around for more than 5 minutes to complete this.

              Whats strange, is that this problem is not always consistant. In the past, the maps have loaded, and I've gotten onto the server quickly (about 30 seconds to 1 minute). This is what I'd call normal behavior. When it's working normally, the sound doesn't get distorted during the map loading. When I used to have this problem, I'd just reboot my PC and it would go away. Now for some reason, the slowness is back again, and I can't get it to go away. Windows says my hard drive doesn't need to be defragged. (i'm trying a re-install of BF2 now to see if that helps).

              Anybody else have this problem?

              my system specs:
              Win XP Pro, sp2
              AMD 64 3000+
              1GB Ram
              SATA hard drive
              Radeon 9800 Pro - 128mb




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