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Has this occurred to anyone?!?

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  • Has this occurred to anyone?!?

    I'm not quite sure if this question has been asked//talked about, but I really have no where else to turn (besides the other forums i've searched through to find answers... ) and I've scrolled through many many pages of most forums for the past 3 days...

    When I played the demo, my keyboard frequently "locked up?" (The commands I input: moving, shooting, switching guns, entering vehicles, etc. would all slowly stack/queue up one after another). Basically, if I were walking in a straight line, started strafing a little and shooting... I slowly lose control of my character to the commands that I input to my stupid computer a few seconds ago... (My character would keep walking and react to my keyboard presses like 3-4 seconds later...)

    I thought this was just a problem with the demo. Now when I purchased the real game (VERY HAPPY NIGHT), I immediately played multiplayer and the problem was gone. The next day, I started up single player and I walked around, found a vehicle, pressed "E" and nothing happened... I brought my fingers off my keyboard and watched my character continue to walk forward (running into the vehicle like a ******) and then climbing in 4 seconds later...
    Then it happened in Multi too = (

    If you understand the problem I'm describing (yeah, it's poorly explained, sorry), could anyone give me some feedback on how to solve or just tell me if you've experienced something like this before?

    I could post my system specs...
    128 mb Radeon Mobility 9600
    1.7 Pent M 512 RAM
    80GB HD (4 GB free)
    pretty much it...
    I mean, the game runs fine... most of the time. (pretty low settings, but still enjoyable)

    I have also read this little bit in the battlefield 2 readme:

    - Some PC keyboards cannot recognize certain combinations of 3 or
    more simultaneously pressed keys. This is an inherent problem
    unrelated to Battlefield 2."
    but this is BS because none of my other games have this problem! They also require multiple button presses of whatever (CS:S// any FPS sheesh).

    This has NEVER happened to me before... I've played countless FPS games... countless computer games...
    Synchronized button presses were never an issue... wtf!?!?

    I can't seem to find any other people having this problem online = (

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    Re: Has this occurred to anyone?!?

    Yeah, you need to disable smart keys, or whatever it's called. Certain key combinations (such as ctrl-shift, etc...) can be assigned to hotkeys.


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      Re: Has this occurred to anyone?!?

      I saw this problem on a friend of mines notebook. I honstly think it was the combination of the pentium M and the video card.

      I dont know ATI's but is the 9600 good enough to run Bf2?

      What you may consider is asking EA support for assistance.
      Here is the link

      Good luck
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        Re: Has this occurred to anyone?!?

        Thanks a lot guys, I'll check out that "smart key" combination crap.


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          Re: Has this occurred to anyone?!?

          I dont know ATI's but is the 9600 good enough to run Bf2?
          Plays fine on my Mobility 9600 64MB.

          It probably is some kind of hotkey thing with the laptop that is slowing or interfering with BF2. Maybe you could try plugging in a keyboard.

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