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Two more BF2 questions/problems

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  • Two more BF2 questions/problems

    Hey everyone,

    I have two more technical issues concerning BF2:

    1) Everytime I start up BF2, if automatically switches my recording microphone from mic 2 (which is what I use) to the standard microphone (mike 1). The only way to switch it back (and therefore make voip functional) is to alt-tab out. But the problem with this is that most of the time, this destablizes BF2 and I end up with a quickly flashing white screen that makes BF2 unplayable. Is there a way to either prevent BF2 was changing mikes on me or atleast be able to configure it so it knows which mike to switch it to?

    2) Just recently, all of a sudden, the vertical mouse in the squad select and kit select screens became reversed! When I moved the mouse up, the cursor went down. This makes it extremely difficult to quickly select kits, squds, and spawn points. Changing the "invert mouse" feature in the control config only changed the vertical inversion while "in game" (ie, in the 3d world)... as it should. I am currently in the process of just reinstalling BF2 from scratch, so hopefully it will fix this. But has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks again for any help.


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    Re: Two more BF2 questions/problems

    I have multiple inputs for sound recording and don't have problems with my mics being switched. Mine are separate audio devices. Does your soundcard have two mic inputs? I'd check that the default sound recording device is set to what you want in the Audio tab, not what is listed in the Voice tab.

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