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Server ban issue?

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  • Server ban issue?


    I've been playing with my friends on TG's BF2 server #1 for months now, and out of the blue I can't join anymore. It gives the message, "You have been banned from the server by a server admin or because of excessive teamkilling."

    I understand that some game slots are reserved, but I get this message even when there are very few people in the game. I also understand that this is a generic EA message, so it could be something else...

    I don't remember team killing or violating any rules, and all my friends are still able to join...I can get into server #2, but that one is usually pretty empty. Is there anything I can do to get back into server #1? If it turns out I did violate a rule, then I'll gladly look elsewhere, but I honestly don't remember [blatantly] breaking any handle is: [ZOT]SgtJJJinks

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Server ban issue?

    Banned or Kicked? If banned then see this thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: What to do if you have been banned
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      Re: Server ban issue?

      I'm guessing its the Slot Supporting Member thing.

      I would suggest adding information about the slot holding to that link you provided.


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        Re: Server ban issue?

        Thanks for the link to that other thread, that's what I needed


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          Re: Server ban issue?

          And thus enlightened, we close up shop. :)
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