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Running BF2 in small window

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  • Running BF2 in small window

    Hello :)

    I found this console command "game.toggleFullscreen". It is supposed to toggle BF2 from fullscreen to windowed mode but when I tried it, this is what the screen looks like this.

    When I have BF2CC running on my second screen it sure would be nice if I didnt have to minimize my game when its time to admin.

    Has anyone ever had any experience with BF2 in windowd mode?
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    Re: Running BF2 in small window

    no, but the one way you could do it is by the shortcut parameters. it says how to open it and it is set to fullscreen and you can set it window or minimized.


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      Re: Running BF2 in small window

      yes, i play with it all the time, this allows me to play music, get on TS, etc.
      To run it, modify the shortcut to have +fullscreen 0 instead of +fullscreen 1

      My shortcut:
      "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +wx 0 +wy 0

      The +wx and +wy are where it positions the TOP-LEFT corner of the screen. The numbers start from the TOP-LEFT. the x-axis is horizontal, the y is vertical(I know most of you know this, but there are some idiots out there)
      |TG| aschmack


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        Re: Running BF2 in small window

        hey, now that we are talking about the shortcuts, do you know of anyway to start 2 programs with one shortcut? i need it for my teamspeak to run the Teamspeak Overlay program as well.


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          Re: Running BF2 in small window

          have it run a .bat file that runs both programs
          |TG| aschmack


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            Re: Running BF2 in small window

            in order to run a program in the background you have to use the start command. You .bat or .cmd file would look like this:

            start /B "c:/prog files/ea games/bf2/bf2.exe"
            start /B "c:/tso/tso.exe"

            adapt the paths and names and look up the start command options so it doesn't open a separate window.

            START ["title"] [/Dpath] [/I] [/MIN] [/MAX] [/SEPARATE | /SHARED]
                  [/WAIT] [/B] [command/program]
                "title"     Title to display in  window title bar.
                path        Starting directory
                B           Start application without creating a new window. The
                            application has ^C handling ignored. Unless the application
                            enables ^C processing, ^Break is the only way to interrupt
                            the application
                I           The new environment will be the original environment passed
                            to the cmd.exe and not the current environment.
                MIN         Start window minimized
                MAX         Start window maximized
                LOW         Start application in the IDLE priority class
                NORMAL      Start application in the NORMAL priority class
                HIGH        Start application in the HIGH priority class
                REALTIME    Start application in the REALTIME priority class
                ABOVENORMAL Start application in the ABOVENORMAL priority class
                BELOWNORMAL Start application in the BELOWNORMAL priority class
                WAIT        Start application and wait for it to terminate
                            If it is an internal cmd command or a batch file then
                            the command processor is run with the /K switch to cmd.exe.
                            This means that the window will remain after the command
                            has been run.
                            If it is not an internal cmd command or batch file then
                            it is a program and will run as either a windowed application
                            or a console application.


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              Re: Running BF2 in small window

              When specifying the +fullscreen 0 option to the command line of BF2 you get a window. I have 2 monitors and can run the TS and other stuff on the secondary monitor. I heard that this can impact performance though.




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