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Unlocking weapons on COOP mod server

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  • Unlocking weapons on COOP mod server

    I am trying to run the COOP mod from on a private lan server and wish to unlock all the weapons. I have edited the kit .con files to all reflect this (by changing ObjectTemplate.UnlockLevel to "0" in all the files, and repacking them back into Is there anything else I need to do, because this doesn't seem to work? Is this even possible or am I wasting my time?

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    Re: Unlocking weapons on COOP mod server

    I don't know if a LAN server will attempt to consult the global rank server for unlock data. If it does, you can configure your own web server to serve unlock data and tweak your hosts file to point at your web server. I've got a set of Apache config files for that. I've got a server that adds 3 grades to your rank (so you can inspect the higher badges) and unlocks all the weapons. It's easy to modify to implement other policies.
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