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  • BF2 Troubleshooting

    Although my BF2 is still not completely sorted, here's a list of troubleshooting for anyone else having problems with BF2. Anymore suggestions, add them and I'll edit my post.

    Solutions for BF2:
    -Patch up drivers on soundcard and graphicscard;
    -Install latest BF2patch;
    -Shut down your firewall when playing BF2 (background problems like [email protected] can cause failure);
    -Make sure your card/monitor can allow 800x600 @60Hz to run. Reason being is that BF2 must start at this res/refresh rate the first time it starts.
    -Make sure nothing is overclocked and that memory settings are allocated in BIOS using SPD. Additionally, if your graphics card uses a 4pin molex power connector in addition to the power from the AGP slot then make sure nothing else is using the same power rail.
    -Delete the cache files in your BF2 folder and let BF2 recreate them. The files will be in the following location:

    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache\

    where <username> is replaced with your xp user name

    Delete all folders in that location - they will be recreated when BF2 starts.

    -Install the older drivers. Someone installed older Nvidia drivers and after that it worked.
    -Delete the temporary user files in 'My Documents, "your PC account name", Battle Field 2' It'll recreate these when it starts again. If you want to be safe rename the BF2 directory and try again.
    -Reinstall the latest patch, it worked for me, I've allready installed it but repatch worked really good;
    -Make sure you're running DirectX 9.0c
    -Go to and check that your OS is upto date
    -Check that you have the latest BIOS, and device drivers - because this is probably a low-level issue.
    -Run the game with the +fullscreen 0 flag so you can see error messages
    -Check the Power supply to the vid card...or the power supply in general



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