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New nVIDIA drivers.

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  • New nVIDIA drivers.

    The 81.85 ForceWare drivers are out. Get 'em while they're hot.

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    Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

    Let me just add that the proper procedure to install a new video driver should be:

    1. Uninstall the old driver from add/remove program
    2. reboot to safe mode and run a driver cleaner like Driver Cleaner Pro
    3. reboot back to regular mode then install the new driver


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      Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

      In the past I just removed/uninstalled the old driver, rebooted and then installed the new one. Do I really have to go through the extra reboot to run Driver Cleaner?
      Has someone tried it without DC?


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        Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

        I've uninstalled previous drivers without DC, then installed the new one, without any problems.



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          Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

          It all depends on your faith in the uninstaller program. If you feel it does a good enough job then that's fine too. I was taught to do it this way and that's the way I do it.


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            Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

            Hey dudes,

            check out this site, nice little tweaked drivers for BF2, etc...
            The difference is AMAZING...
            Check it out!


            PS go for the Xtreme ones...


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              Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

              Where do you see the drivers specifically tweaked for BF2?
              |TG-12th| asch


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                Re: New nVIDIA drivers.

                Originally posted by asch
                Where do you see the drivers specifically tweaked for BF2?
                Written by ADRichardson
                Wednesday, 05 October 2005
                Imageby ADRichardson, TweaksRUs Driver Critic

                Wow! A new icon and a spiffy new name! Could this get any better? (I'm assuming that the guys thought V2 as in rocket, rather than bomb, but either way it didn't blow up for me). The new name is mostly cosmetic - it basically means that the new Battlefield 2 tweaks of recent drivers are in there... Performance is comparable to the stock version of the driver. However, this driver really pushes the image quality. There's a massive improvement, particularly in FarCry, which now looks mindblowing with HDR on.

                Nice work guys!

                Aquamark 3DMark03 FarCry (timedemo)

                XG 81.82.v2 50400 10327 40.66
                81.82 50423 10341 40.67
                XG 77.56-HD 50090 10228 41.28

                Download Xtreme-G 81.82.v2

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