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A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

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  • A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

    I copied this from the forum on the totalbf2 site but it hopefully goes some way to help you identify how high you can crank up your settings. Its obviously not an exact identifier as other factors would need to be considered but it does give a rough guideline....

    step 1: identify your system

    AMD xp
    1500+ very low settings
    1800+ low settings
    2000+ minimun settings
    2400+ minimum settings
    2600+ mid settings
    2800+ mid-high settings
    3000+ high settings

    AMD 64
    2800+ mid-high settings
    3000+ high settings
    3200+ high settings
    3400+ high settings
    3600+ and above insane settings

    intel p4

    1.5 very low settings
    1.6 very low settings
    1.8 low settings
    2.0 low settings
    2.4 mid settings
    2.8 mid-high settings
    3.0 high settings
    3.2 high settings
    3.4 high settings
    3.6 and above insane settings


    256mb very low settings
    512mb mid-low settings
    1GB mid-high to high settings
    1.5gb high settings
    2GB insane settings

    Video Cards


    8500 low settings
    9000 low settings
    9500 se low settings
    9600 se low settings
    9500 low settings
    9600 low settings
    9500 & 9600 pro mid settings
    9800 se mid settings
    9800 mid settings
    9800 pro mid-high settings
    x700 pro mid-high settings
    9800 pro 256mb med-high settings
    x800 pro high settings
    x800 pro xt and above insane settings


    GeForce Fx (GeForce 4 will not work)

    5200 low settings
    5400 low settings
    5600 low settings
    5800 low-mid settings
    5900 low-mid settings
    5800 u mid settings
    5900xt mid settings
    5950 mid settings
    6600 mid settings
    6600 gt mid-high settings
    6600 gt 256mb high settings
    6800 and above insane settings

    step 2: do the math

    if you have a low processor and a mid ram and low video card: low+mid+low= low settings

    mid+mid+low: mid-low settings
    mid+mid+mid: mid settings
    high+mid+mid: mid settings
    high+high+mid: mid-high settings
    high+high+high: high settings
    insane+high+high: high settings
    insane+insane+insane: give me your computer
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    Re: A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

    This is absolutely, completely, 100% useless. The resolution you run the game at is much more important than the difference between a 6600 and a 6600GT.

    Edit: I don't want to seem mean or anything. I'm just scared someone's going to base their settings off of this, which is a pretty horrible idea.


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      Re: A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

      i read this on total bf2 before the demo even came out, or atleast just after, i agree that its not really very useful as a guide, though i commend your efforts for posting it here and sharing with others :)

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        Re: A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

        I got the 6800 Gamers Edition (6800 GT, 6800 & 6800 Ultra comba mix) 1GB ram and 2.8p4 ghz with HT and 1 mb cache.

        I can run everything on mid high with shaders and lighting on med, AA on 4X and 1024X768 and I get around 50 to 60 fps just fine. Gettin more RAM though.

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          Re: A Rough Guide To PC Specs For BF2

          According to the list, my system should scream hot sex with BF2 on high/insane settings... But, it doesnt. I ordered more RAM today, particularily because SF seems to hog a lot more resources than BF2.... My DV editing stuff coud also use the RAM.

          I think many people will tone down the settings, just to maintain higher frame rates in hairy firefights.
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