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Veryifying Client Data Stutter

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  • Veryifying Client Data Stutter

    Okay we all know how when you start up BF2 it loads all the mumbo jumbo.
    I see verifying client data for roughly...10 seconds...and I get into the game and everything plays silky smooth.
    I see verifying client data for roughly 2-3 minutes...I get into the game and I stutter for 30 seconds to join a squad and periodically lag at unbelievable rates for roughly 10 minutes with no "problem with your connection" or ping above 80.
    Eventually it stablizes, but reverts on the next map load.

    I've had this problem since August. When I played the demo this never happened, but since the official release this bug has happened every time I join any server whatsoever. Any ideas?

    Pentium 4
    1GB RAM
    ATI Radeon 9800XT

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    Re: Veryifying Client Data Stutter

    That's odd. I get the same stuttering, except only for about a minute or two after joining. The verifying data thing depends mostly on the speed of your hard drive, I believe, since my HD light is on 24/7 while it does that. If you get choppy performance during the game, it might be it's having to keep accessing the hard drive to load up stuff all the time. Your paging file might be too small, or you may be running way too much stuff in the background when you play BF2. Also, it could be sound problems; lots of people report stuttering when their sound is set to hardware acceleration and their PC can't take it. Try setting the sound to software and see if that fixes anything.


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      Re: Veryifying Client Data Stutter

      The first thing that popped out at me is your RAM. It doesn't matter how fast your CPU is or how good your GPU is, that 1 GB RAM is going to be a bottleneck and cause stuttering & video lag.
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        Re: Veryifying Client Data Stutter

        Well I have a gig of RAM and like I said, no stuttering or video lag after about a minute. And this is on a Radeon 9600, a rather underpowered card. Run memtest to check out your RAM, but rest assured it's not the amount that's the problem. 1 gig is definitely enough to run the game well.




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