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  • new help on my new build

    Ok, so i got everything hooked up, power to everything. checked everything twice. I turn on my system with just a monitor and keyboard attached and all i get on my monitor is a "check signal cable" I tried a variety of small adjustments including re seating it and such. Nothing. No video. So im completely stuck as to where to go from here.

    Also my dvd drive isnt opening even though i have power to it. It could be defective. Im more worried about my video though.

    Specs - 4800+ X2, 2 gigs of ocz ram (1 gig each stick), a 74 gig raptor, an abit k8n sli mobo, 500watt aspire psu, 7800gtx 256 mb.

    Im not running sli yet so i have the dummy stick in the other pci-e slot.

    I tried installing a custom heatsink but when it didnt fit i put the stock on with thermal paste. It doesnt matter that it already had a thermal pad right? I dont think the cpu has anything to do with me having no video but hey what do i know?

    Any help is mucho appreciated...i wont be able to get on until i can figure this one out.
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    Re: new help on my new build


    I don't know much about SLI boards...however everything i've learned recently about computer hardware points me to that psu...Are you sure all the appropriate plugs are connected on the mobo???

    In those SLI board there are about three are'nt there??? I wish I could help bro...

    Good luck and let us know what happens!!



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      Re: new help on my new build

      first do you get any beeps when your turn your computer on?

      take out all the ram and start it up.....if you it beeps like crazy the MB is do you have a old video card you could stick in...wait never agp slot im sure.....reset the CPU...completly take it out and put it back in...make sure the video card if requires power has it...could use power from the PSU..

      try the monitor on a different machine just to be sure
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: new help on my new build

        my video card has all the power it needs from the psu...thats all hooked up. I tried two dif monitors so im sure it isnt that. Ill try takin out the ram but theres a couple led's that light up on it already, doesnt that means its ok? ill try the ram thing to be sure. Then ill try the cpu. Thanx a lot guys...ill let you know.

        edit- i also now for a fact that the vid card and the hard drive both work ive used them in a dif computer.

        edit - i tried the cpu thing, nothing...i took out the ram and i didnt get any beeps. could the mobo be the problem? i actually wouldnt mind if it was, mobo's arent that expensive and i could easily get another but it would be a pain. Oy...the joys of computers...
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          Re: new help on my new build

          SLi boards need a lot of power. Minumum is 500W from what I understand.

          I just built an SLi system as well and I've got a 650W PSU. I have to agree, you may not have enough juice to power the video card.

          The other thing, SLi boards are generally 24 pin. With a 4 pin cable for the video card, is it plugged in?

          As nice as SLi's are they are very, very tempermental and unstable. I built my rig in November of 2005 and I've nothing but problems with it.

          For instance, I added another gig of memory. It saw the 2 gigs for a week then dropped down to 512. I redid it and now I have 2 gigs installed but it only recognizes 1 gig still.

          And now, for some reason it no longer like BF2 after a week. So now I'm in the process of trying to figure out why.

          Good luck.

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