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constant VPU crashes in BF2:SF

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  • constant VPU crashes in BF2:SF

    i have recently been playing BF2:special forces and have had a problem crop up where when im playing the screen will corrupt for 3 seconds then come back and have an ATI VPU recovery error pop up on my screen ... i can minimize the game and close it but when i tab back it it just pops up 15 seconds or so later , when i do go back into the game after it crashes it will some time have errors like no crosshairs and not able to bring up the spawn screen ... if i hit escape the movie that plays in the background is distorted and pixely, is this a heat issue or a driver issue? even when i do close it and log back into the game it just happens 15 seconds later again.

    im using Cat 5.11's and have tried many things from disabling EAX to turning my AGP slot down to 4x and disabling AGP read/write in the ATI CCC , but nothing seems to work...any idea's?

    system is running at STOCK everything

    Power supply:Antec 430w dual fan
    CPU : Intel 3.0C 800mhz FSB stock HSF
    motherboard : Intel D875PBZLK
    ram : 1gb kingston pc3200 (2x512mb - in dual channle)
    video : ATI ALL IN WONDER 9800 PRO , stock heatsink fan and settings (Catalist 5.11)
    sound : Creative audigy2 ZS (driver version
    HDD : 120GB maxtor SATA
    case : Antec proformance 1080 case with 2 intake fans at front of case , 2 exaust at back
    optical / floppy : both generic
    OS : Windows XP home SP2

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    Re: constant VPU crashes in BF2:SF

    I hate that ATI VPU recovery thing. I believe there's a way to disable it; search Google. It happens to me in Warcraft III but not other games; not sure why.

    It may be saving you from a system crash though, in which case it's probably something you can't fix (coding errors in the game most likely). That would be a scenario wher eyou want to leave it on.


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      Re: constant VPU crashes in BF2:SF

      You can disable it by unchecking the option box in the ATI utility (right click on the desktop and click on Settings and dive down into the menus to find it).




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