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  • kicked before joining

    I was just wondering what might be the cause if when I attempt to join the your BF2 server with ip, and before even the loading screen shows up it says I was kicked for excessive tk'ing or as a result of successful votekick. First, I must say that I have never played on any of your servers (I was hoping tonight would be the first), but even on other servers I dont tk. could I be voted out if I havent even joined yet? Why am I not able to join your server?

    I also noticed that the second server, which seems to be a SF server now, was completely empty. I was just curious when you normally have people populating it.

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    Re: kicked before joining

    The server has several different custom scripts.

    One: A script that will kick you for not being in a squad. So you have to join a squad.
    Two: A script that will kick non supporting members to make room for supporting member.

    Also... If the server capacity is 62/64 that is full already. If you tried to join when it is 62/64 it will kick you. We have 2 slots so the non supporting member kicking script can work properly.

    As for the message being about tk and voting... it is just standard message. Cannot be edited so it pops up.

    Please read all the rules and regulations. Enjoy your stay with us.


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      Re: kicked before joining

      We also play some custom maps and if you don't have them downloaded, you'd get kicked before even joining.

      Here's the one we were playing tonight...



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        Re: kicked before joining

        hmmm, must be the custom map situation. The number was like 56/62, so I don't think it was making room for supporting members. Also, I dont think it was the joining squad thing, since I'd have to first get into the loading screen, then actually join the game before I join a squad.


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          Re: kicked before joining

          The server only has 8 people on it now and a standard map. Try joining now.

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            Re: kicked before joining

            If you're being kicked, you've not been banned. So huzzah for that. :)

            If you do happen to try with the playercount high again, please keep in mind that the server browser doesn't always show people connecting as being on the server. That is to say, you may see 60/64 and get the same message, as two others are in the process of connecting.

            As stated, give it a shot with a low number on a standard map, and get back to us.
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