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Kick/Ban From TG Server??

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  • Kick/Ban From TG Server??

    Trying to get some clarification.

    Have always liked playing on TG servers from Ghost Recon to BF2.

    Last night went to join server and received message to the effect that I have been kicked for tk's or as result of kick vote.

    Dont get it.

    Dont tk, am team oriented player, et.

    Wrote one of the admins and hope for return email.

    Any information regarding this would be great, if not, no big, just dont know what it is about.


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    Re: Kick/Ban From TG Server??

    Welcome to the community! Please read the rules and SOPs. You were likely kicked to make room for a supporting member, so don't take offence. Just keep trying to re-connect and hope a slot opens up, or become a supporting member.

    You also may have broken the server rules, perhaps by bunny hopping, not joining a squad, or not following orders.
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      Re: Kick/Ban From TG Server??

      Welcome to TG. Leonidas is correct, read our rules and SOP's, the links are in my sig. Also you find ways to contact an admin about being kicked/banned from our servers. Please in the future use that avenue.

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        Re: Kick/Ban From TG Server??

        Please note that as a SM, you will need your bf2id in your profile.

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