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    Maybe im in the wrong part of the forum, but I was wondering if the TacticalGamer server was down for none TG player just like me. I havent played Bf2 in a while, so i missed out a bit on any new changes :s Or maybe it has to do with the patch. Iget get Disconected by Punkbuister for Not having enought O/S privilages or something like that.

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    Re: O/S Privilage

    what patch are you upto?


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      Re: O/S Privilage

      check out punkbuster for the solution:

      I keep getting kicked by PunkBuster for "Blocked O/S Privileges"?

      Please temporarily disable other security type programs you have running such as anti-virus, process guard, SDProtector, etc. to find out which of them is blocking PB's access to resources on your computer. You either need to run PB without the blocking program(s) or play on non-PB servers. Also make sure you run the game under an Administrator or equivalent account under Windows. If you do have access an admin account, you can right click on the application you want to run and select "Run As". This will allow you to give admin access to that program and should allow you to play with a limited user.

      I keep getting kicked by PunkBuster for "Insufficient O/S Privileges"?

      Download and run this file from any location, it will check for adware that stops you from being able to play on PB servers. The VX2 adware edits your user rights when it infects your computer, and many programs do not repair this when they remove it.

      Click the "Find VX2.betterinternet info" button to make sure that you don't have this adware. If there are no files listed, go on to the last step. If you find the adware files, (it is usually 3 random named dll files) Select all the files found.

      Press 'Delete These Files'. The program will delete all files but one that will be deleted on reboot. Allow program to reboot. Once Restarted:

      * Press 'Guardian.reg'.
      * Press 'User Agent'.
      * Press 'Restore Policy'.

      Clicking on "find vx2.BetterInternet info" again should show all fields blank.
      If you have no adware files, just click on the "Restore Policy" Button


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        Re: O/S Privilege

        I thought this had to do with windows logon profiles, where you have to play bf2 on the account you installed bf2 on.




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