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1.22 mem leak?

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  • 1.22 mem leak?

    Does anyone else notice that 1.22 has a big memory leak? I have an AthlonXP 2500, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9800 pro 128MB, and BF2 usually takes up ~550 MB or so. But ever since the last patch the mem (and swapfile) steadily increase the longer the game is open. Graphics settings are all at 'low'.

    I've tried various ATI and omega drivers to no avail.

    BF2 really hates my comp, I can't get the performance I used to have in v1.0.

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    Re: 1.22 mem leak?


    I was going to post something on this as well....

    Sunday I played TacMod but we had tornados in the area so I attributed my frequent disconnects and CTDs to the power flickering.

    Tuesday we had 1stMIP training and again I had disconnects, and that time I blamed my router (which was, in fact, partly at fault; it was assigning the same IP address to two of my computers).

    Friday I had my modem connected directly to my PC and while each map was loading I would hear the Windows *BONG* audio error message and CTD, stay connected in TS, and get the "memory isn't sane" Windows pop-up. This happened mostly between rounds (each and every round, btw) but it also happened several times mid game. I don't think I played a single round all the way through without a CTD.

    It's definitely a memory leak.




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