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    I know I have only been here a short while and I talk about my high ping-rate a lot. I'm not complaining per se, I'm just trying to understand more about it and how it affects my game play. I did find some great posts on adjusting for high ping. I do not suffer from any lag thankfully so for me high-ping is only about my slower response (spotting, reacting, etc.). I know I am new to BF2 and TG so I know I'm going to die a lot. I do expect to improve and further reduce my death rate and have already seen this in my mere ten days playing on TG servers. I do NOT intend on using a high-ping rate as a crutch or an excuse for poor team-work. If it inspires me to work harder, so be it.

    As I alluded to above, I have a few questions about pinging in general and how it affects BF2 for me.

    First, I know my biggest problem is that I live in Iceland which in case you hadn't noticed is a big island in the middle of the North Atlantic. As such, I have to cross a lot of water to get either to a North American or European server. Below is a shot of about 30 minutes of tracing during tac mod on 4/23. The 134ms is pretty standard for me on BF2 SRV#1.

    I have two questions about this data that confuse me. I understand what the information below tells me. It says my round trip ping for srv#1 is 134ms, pretty good for a trans-atlantic connection. But, what I don't understand is how can the round trip to srv#1 be 134 ms when the roundtrip to every other hop before that (outside of Iceland) is MORE than 134 ms? This is not just a screenshot anomaly (I think) b/c I have seen this on the dozen or so times I have done similar traces.

    My second question is even when showing 134 ms in ping plotter, the in-game ping readings are ~350 ms when connected to server 1. Is this b/c there is an extra HOP or two added by BF2 that doesn't show up in ping plotter, a bug, or some other reason? Which is my real ping: 134 ms or ~350 ms ?

    I looked at a lot of other tracert and ping plotter posts on the forums and didn't see any data discrepancies or ambiguities as pronounced as mine above. Does anyone have any insight? In the end, I know there is not much I can do short of moving (I can't - I'm here for two more years) or changing ISP's (There are only two in Iceland and they still have to hop the pond to get to TG). I just want to understand better. Thanks!



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