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Windows Defender hates PB=freezes, sound loops, PB kicks.

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  • Windows Defender hates PB=freezes, sound loops, PB kicks.

    Many of us have been experiencing freezes, sound loops of 30-60 seconds, and eventual Punkbuster kicks.

    A look in the windows event viewerfor the system log will show numerous attempts of the d4k7b3a4 service to start and windows defender blocks it as suspected malware.

    You can't find the service anywhere in the registry or services list because it operates within BF2 (just like a spy or logger would)and doesn't have a folder of its own that I can find anywhere in the computer--only 5 sites on the entire internet mention it (!), but it is essential for PB to authenticate your online BF2 activity.

    After 3-4 tries, it kicks you from the server. Who knows what other glitches, lag etc. may be caused by this quiet war between PB and WD. All I know is, every 30 minutes I leave my squad in the lurch because the game is frozen while PB tries to authenticate, and I listen to a 3000 millisecond loop of sound for up to a minute or two.

    After numerous go-arounds with other programs to modify or fix this, I have made a request to the Windows Defender feedback site to add this service to the list of allowed, legit services.

    I'm calling on BF2 players at Planetbattlefield forums to join me in calling for this change--WD updates are made for programs like this, but the team writing code pays attention to the requests with the most votes.

    Please visit PlanetBattlefield and read my post, then give it a high rating so the admins will keep seeing it and hopefull will sticky it.

    Then, just Google -d4k7b3a4 punkbuster- and you'll see less than 10 links for this subject, and only two are at the WD site.

    Read either(or both)posts and then vote that you agree that this issue needs to be addressed.

    To make the process quicker, others can leave a post with the same keywords, and we can vote for eachother's. :row__642:

    Admins, if you can sticky this for a little while, I'll be very grateful.



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