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ATC and EF/AF Maps

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  • ATC and EF/AF Maps

    OK, I've searched the forums and can't find this. How do I load EF or AF maps into ATC?

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    Re: ATC and EF/AF Maps

    ATC needs to be able to support the maps first. I have no idea if that's gonna happen.

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      Re: ATC and EF/AF Maps

      All that is needed is screenshots that we want put into ATC. It's then just updating an xml file (I believe) to know which screenshots to show.

      I put a custom map on ATC once a long time ago. It would be the same for the boosters.... granted, it wouldn't have the new vehicles, etc. in there.
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        Re: ATC and EF/AF Maps

        All the maps in ATC are graphics in the PNG format (which is an open stardard). You can load in any PNG image regardless of what it is. However, you want a PNG image of the map you are looking for.

        For EF maps, goto:

        For AF maps, goto:

        1. Save the maps onto your computer. You need to convert them into PNG if they already arent.
        2. Run ATC for Battlefield 2
        3. Create Tactic Offline
        4. File -> Load Tactic
        5. Select the PNG graphic you want to load.
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