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COOP Server Modding - LAN Environment HELP!

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  • COOP Server Modding - LAN Environment HELP!

    Hi all,

    I am serving a monthly coop LAN to around 8-10 guys and I have a question about modding my server. I found a mod that installed all of the pre-packaged BF2 maps over my default maps on the Standalone. After doing so i then replace my client maps on my personal machine with these modified maps as well. When i boot the standalone server (the EA server available on the EA website) everything begins as it normally would. I get up to 100% running server side, then i slide over to my personal PC to join in the Local LAN environment i just created. When i join the server everything works, i can join and begin loading the map, environments, lighting etc. but then when i click on the JOIN GAME button it gives me an error message

    "Server does not allow modified content"

    Does anyone know how i can tell the server to allow modified content so that these maps can be used? I am having a hard enough time trying to find COOP maps and now that i have found COOP 64 versions of all of the default maps, i would certainly hate having to remove them and go back to the same-ol same-ol.

    Please HELP!


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