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    After becoming a supporting member i would like to focus on the Tac Mod on server two.

    Do i need the Special Forces pack to make this happen?

    When do players play the Tac Mod outside Thursday and Sundays?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Re: Tac Mod

    No you don't need SF to play TacMod, though I think there is a Special Forces version in the works. I don't notice much activity on server 2 except for Thursdays and Sundays but if you get on and seed the server early in the afternoon you can sometimes get enough people for a good night of TacMod. If you post in the forum beforehand it might help you get more people too.
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      Re: Tac Mod

      Yeah, we definitely need to start seeding server #2...we used to have games there on Tuesday nights. Maybe we could start that back up again, Rick?


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        Re: Tac Mod

        There is a SF version of Tac Mod, but not much has been done on that front since SF didn't last long here... and SF would be required to play the SF Tac Mod.

        As for server #2. Games can usually get going if there are players to seed it, coupled with a forum announcement several days in advance.
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          Re: Tac Mod

          Congrats on becoming an SM rick! Glad to have another supporter of TG.

          We should definately get the Tuesday night Server #2 TacMod nights rolling again.




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