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BF2/POE won't load

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  • BF2/POE won't load

    I hardly know what information might be relevant to fixing my problem, but the basics of the situation are that I did some mild overclocking following the settings suggested by the manufacturer of my RAM (OCZ) for my particular motherboard (DFI LP NF4). Success, other games work, the system is mildly faster and still stable, but no BF2. When I load BF2, the program gets a few seconds into its routine and then just disappears from the Taskmanager screen. I've messed around with higher latency settings in the BIOS, going back to default settings for everything, blah blah blah. I've been at this for hours. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, I'll check back in the morning. :) I'm leaving my computer running about four different spyware, malware, virus programs at once.

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    Re: BF2/POE won't load

    May be you need to set up a separate OC profile for BF2. Some games are very sensitive to OC, and some not so much. Hope this helps.
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      Re: BF2/POE won't load

      It would be helpful to know the exact system specifications (CPU and RAM types in particular, the amount of RAM you've got, and the exact type of LanParty board in there). You say your system is stable. How did you verify that? If it didn't involve the two actions outlined below, please run these tests first and report the results.
      1. Run Memtest86+. Use the ISO to burn a bootable CD (or use the floppy image if preferred) and let it run for 4 hours or so. No errors should be reported during that time.
      2. Run the Prime95 Torture Test (blend option). Let it run for at least 12 hours. The correct way to run P95 depends on your CPU; basically, run a separate instance for each CPU, and make sure all RAM is used without using the page file. Again, not a single error must be reported during this test.

      One thing that's often overlooked is the DRAM voltage: many types of DRAM require a higher voltage to run than what's in the default mobo settings. Knowing what RAM you've got would help answering that.

      Other question: did BF2 run okay before you changed the BIOS settings? Did you change anything else besides that? I, for one, downloaded the 1.4 incremental patch from Filecloud, which turned out to be corupt (Filecloud uploaded the wrong file). BF2 wouldn't start after applying that either, so I had to reinstall everything. Might be something to look in to as well.

      Also, I respectfully disagree with Mr. R. Punch's statement above: in my view, a system is either stable or it's not. If certain games appear to run okay and other don't, that doesn't imply that you're not experiencing problems with the former; they are just not as apparent. Meanwhile, that faulty RAM or overclocked-beyond-stable-limits controller could still mess up your system silently, for instance by writing corrupt data to disk. Caveat emptor.

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        Re: BF2/POE won't load

        Thanks for your replies. The update is as follows:

        I did have a couple viruses, which came as a total surprise b/c this machine is well protected. Anyway, they are deleted as far as I can tell, but the problem persists.

        I just ran Memtest86 for 1.5 hours. Excuse the simplicity of this question, but I'm wondering whether that test just restarts itself indefinitely. I thought the same tests were running over again, and the info bar said I had passed "2." Anyway, no errors.

        I plan to run Prime95 tonight.

        I have a DFI LP NF4 SLI motherboard and OCZ PC4000 2x1024 500MHz DDR EB Platinum Dual Ch memory.

        I'll update again tomorrow after the Prime95 test completes.

        Thanks again, your help is appreciated.


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          Re: BF2/POE won't load

          Well, wouldn't you know: works fine after reinstalling the soundcard drivers. i'm happy about that. apparently all the OC'ing had no effect on the game, so now i can go back and try edging things up.

          Overclocking question: my RAM is rated at 250MHz, and I can't push it any further. I think the CPU is capable of going higher, but obviously I can't push my FSB any higher, right? So, I want to use a RAM divider, I think, to limit the RAM speed to 250. Assuming I'm making clear sense (I have very limited experience with these things), the specific question I have is whether there's any drawback to using the RAM divider (i.e. the setting in BIOS that allows you to limit the RAM speed to a set fraction of the FSB)?




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