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  • Disconnects from Server

    Howdy! I'm again having lots of issues trying to stay connected to the server. This seems to happen every 2-3 months or so for a few weeks and then goes away. Last night was terrible since TacMod is the highlight of my week and I got disconnected 4 times in one map. I also experience disconnects during POE2 as well so I don't believe it is server or data center related since I think one is in Dallas and the other in Virginia.

    My ping is generally very low ~14 to Dallas servers and still great to VA ~40-50. I have Comcast/RoadRunner 8/784 plan and get great throughput when downloading.

    Can someone suggest diagnostic tools to help get me started. Is it the modem, router, comcast?

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    Re: Disconnects from Server

    Did you try the tracert command? See if you can find an area of high latency or hangup. If it only happens every few weeks, it might be a server that keeps being taken down for mantinence.


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      Re: Disconnects from Server

      Yeh I'll run the pingplotter and tracert tonight. To clarify this happens every night for a few weeks then goes away for a month or so then back every night for a few weeks.


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        Re: Disconnects from Server

        Check your firmware for your modem. I had a similar problem in December/January. If your pingplotter looks like a red zebra call comcast to come and check out your lines. Make sure the tech takes a look at the pingplotter graph. Comcast sent out three different techs and none of them could figure out the problem until the last one looked at my pingplotter chart and decided to check out a different modem. It turned out to be a problem between my modem's firmware and comcast.


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          Re: Disconnects from Server

          I doubt M$ would ever do that.


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            Re: Disconnects from Server

            Ok here is a short run of pingplotter. Its worse than I thought it would be:

            EDIT: and for longer

            Tracing route to []
            over a maximum of 30 hops:

            1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
            2 * * * Request timed out.
            3 11 ms 9 ms * [68.87.2
            4 11 ms * 28 ms [68.87.2
            5 11 ms 11 ms 14 ms
            6 47 ms 45 ms 45 ms []
            7 48 ms 49 ms 48 ms []
            8 52 ms 47 ms 49 ms []
            9 46 ms 47 ms 47 ms []
            10 * * * Request timed out.
            11 46 ms 45 ms 45 ms [216.187.115
            12 47 ms 47 ms 59 ms [216
            13 47 ms 48 ms 47 ms []

            Trace complete.
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              Re: Disconnects from Server

              I've been having disconnect and CTD issues. It happends about once a day for the last week. I ran pingplotter and I have 3 red bars. Whats normal on this thing?


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                Re: Disconnects from Server

                Frustrating. I got disconnected from the server during the scrim 4 times last night.


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                  Re: Disconnects from Server

                  It looks like one of comcast's servers that's the problem. It is also showing 2 places where it flat out dropps all of your packets. These 2:

                  3 11 ms 9 ms * []
                  4 11 ms * 28 ms []

                  The 2 that had full packet loss just wern't there or responding (mabey busy), but the 2 comcast ones were dropping around 25% of the packets sent, would also be a problem or cause you lag. You probably want to get one of the comcast guys over to take a look. It seems one of the drops happened on the 3rd step (close to home), and that could be causing the disconnects more often. The lower the step number, the more chance of your comp choosing that route and then more of a chance it has to drop on you.


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                    Re: Disconnects from Server

                    Yea, I have Comcast and at times it drops the connection. I wait for a few minutes and then no problem for the rest of the night.
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                      Re: Disconnects from Server

                      I've been on the broadband reports forums and a few other DFW people are experiencing packet loss through the plano servers as well. Seems like the RoadRunner conversion isn't working as well as the marketing literature promissed :)




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