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Latency and Ping (srry for the multi posts)

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  • Latency and Ping (srry for the multi posts)

    I'm getting a pretty high ping to the server (averaging 125-140) and wondered if anyone can point me toward a good source on improving those connections. I've got the port forwarding information, the crazy number of ports Iím supposed to open for bf2, setting up the static IP with my cable provider.. Basically Iím just wondering if anyone has got a magic bullet.

    Thereís a large number of times I am point blank under 5 feet with an enemy, the crosshairs are on his face, and he doesnít go down. Sometimes when I do get kills it takes entire clips where I would swear every bullet hits... Is this normal? I get one timed so often I can't help but think that what is really going on is my hits arenít getting to the server in time. The vepr especially shows you where you ought to be landing hits and very very often head shots do nothing for me.

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    Re: Latency and Ping (srry for the multi posts)

    Bumped because I want to know too, I suffer from rather high ping, but I'm used to it

    always had it, hell when I started, it would average at 100, then, every few minutes, it would spike to 15000+... they were the good 'ol days :D (since I still used to get people before I was invariably kicked), the spikes only lasted 1-2 minutes, but that's long enough for PB

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